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"Dusknoir" will reflect Li Longjun’s amazing power burning brain suspense – Sohu Li Longjun entertainment "dusknoir" stills Li Longjun photo Sohu entertainment news from the new generation director Zhang Kunyi, Winnie, Li Longjun and starring suspense thriller film "dusknoir" will be landing in theaters nationwide. "Dusknoir" tells the story of Zhao Ziyu beautiful female students (her ornaments) has been suffering from childhood and former boyfriend Du Zhen (Li Longjun ornaments) of torture, in order to understand the happy knot, in the process to find a spanning two generations into the horror story of love. The film by young viewers more acceptable elegant and stylish camera language, although there is no common horror movie scream, but shows that the scalp hair cool thriller aftertaste. Through time and space staggered and complex emotional entanglements, about the arrogance and inferiority between people, indifferent and struggling rich inner world, depicting the true nature of human. Won the sunshine Hale appearance and solid acting in the film and television coming Li Longjun, the play is still eye-catching performance, a cynical "slag" interpretation of the penetrating behavior, Seoul full. The role of the initial seems disgusting, but as the story progresses, the audience will find the slag boyfriend is actually a key figure and guide the story to the secret facts, and Li Longjun in the pre show details for later reversal has left a lot of foreshadowing, stunning. Because the former role played a lot of slag Li Longjun’s previous works, said: "the earthquake about Du shape is not the same feeling, this is the essence of the former, a very good person, even to the end also want to sacrifice yourself, before showing a side like gambling, mainly girlfriend bad side effects." In a word, "dusknoir" is a routine routine "card" suspense thriller, several main characters throughout the film, in fact, almost everyone has a secret, the secret is constantly creating new tragedy is the crux of the problem, and make him suffer their own long-term source of suffering. It is reported that the film will be screened in the country in September 9th.相关的主题文章:

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