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Dubai City trial operation of unmanned buses — technology — original title: Dubai City trial operation of unmanned bus according to the Xinhua news agency, Dubai, August 31 (reporter Li Zhen) Arabia United Arab Emirates Dubai Traffic Management Bureau announced in August 31st, passenger ferry unmanned vehicles since September 1st will be in the center of Dubai began trial operation for 1 for a month. According to the official launch of the video clips show that this is called EZ10 10 driverless electric car shape founder, body regardless of the front and rear, you can travel in two directions. This project was jointly launched by the Dubai Traffic Management Bureau and based real estate company, is part of Dubai to build a new intelligent mobile smart city solutions adopted. It is understood that during the trial operation, EZ10 will be in Mohamed Dubai’s most bustling downtown? The? Driving Rachid road about 700 meters on the route, and between the financial center and Vinda hotel at the junction of the road passenger, all citizens and visitors are free to take. The maximum speed of this car can reach 40 km; cruising speed of about 25 km, is relatively suitable for pedestrians and bicycle intensive areas. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

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