Dongxihu, Wuhan, a factory fire rescue workers fighting day and night fire kimi wo omou melodi

Wuhan Dongxihu a factory fire rescue personnel fighting day and night fighting the newspaper news (reporter Sun Xiaotian Intern Chen Mingyu) yesterday morning, Huian East Lake Avenue near a paper bowl factory burst fire, Yin Fire paper cup and bowl from difficult to extinguish, until 9 last night, rescue workers are still at the scene. Fortunately, the fire did not cause casualties. East Huian Avenue, 95 small and medium enterprises. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter saw at the scene, the fire unit called Xin Yu Jie Industry & Trade Co. Ltd., the building is four stories high, 2 to 4 storey window half burned, the external walls were blackened, the window is still smoke, fire officers and soldiers are in a fire sprinkler. According to nearby residents Mr. Wang, the incident yesterday morning zero 10 minutes or so, the workshop suddenly flashed, the workers in the building who have escaped, someone call 119, and soon the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight the blaze. Site rescue relevant person in charge told reporters yesterday at 2 am, the fire has been controlled. After preliminary investigation, may be a short circuit ignited in the workshop paper materials, plant burned area of about 950 square meters. After the incident, a number of departments of public security, safety supervision, Dongxihu inspectors rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue, fire control. Due to timely rescue, the fire did not cause casualties. Because in the smoldering state of paper cup and bowl, after the fire, there has been existing plant Yin fire. 9 last night, rescue workers fought for nearly 20 hours, finally will Yin fire out, rescue workers still patrol on duty at the scene, to prevent the resurgence of Yin fire.相关的主题文章:

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