Dong Mingzhu 36 year old single mother to start fighting for the age of 8 sons in the past 26 years dxperience

Dong Mingzhu: 36 year old single mother to son at the age of 8 to 26 years of fighting, the Chinese military strategy source: Chinese business hall of fame at the age of 36 Chi Yude, Dong Mingzhu made a decision to go to the South: the most important thing in life. It was in 1990, stimulated by the national policy, the rise of the Pearl River Delta entrepreneurial boom, many of the people within the system are under the sea. Dong Mingzhu is a Nanjing people, has been living a quiet life in the Nanjing Chemical Research Institute to work, decent and stable. However, at the age of 30, unfortunately fell, her husband died suddenly, leaving her and a two-year-old son. Then she pulled a son, and when the father and mother, has not remarried. Son at the age of eight, Dong Mingzhu began to anxiety: she is not young, the son grew up, more and more money, and her unit is the Hanlin Academy. There, she felt she had to go to the South have a way out, he quit the job, the son entrusted to the mother, and then take the train down… Dong Mingzhu… Did not expect this decision, her influence an industry pattern, also opened her battle of life. A hotshot arrives shortly after the south, Dong Mingzhu entered the Zhuhai Haley air conditioner factory (GREE electric predecessor) as a salesman. At that time, Haley is small, the annual production capacity of only twenty thousand units, not known. Dong Mingzhu came here, because here to do 100 universal mention of 20 thousand. She was arranged to work as an apprentice to an old salesman, followed by Beijing and the Northeast market. She is very diligent, not long apprenticeship, to run the department stores, the first half of the time ran out of the about 3000000 performance. When the factory was an accident: Anhui market sales turnover, to replace Mr. director, let Dong Mingzhu take over. The first thing to do after Dong Mingzhu Anhui, the predecessor is to beg for a sum of 420 thousand yuan accounts receivable. This is not her responsibility, but she just couldn’t help to manage, and would like to test your ability: this kind of debt is very common at the time, so a good salesman also had a debt collection. The debtor is a fat middle-aged man, he very disgusted with the arrival of Dong Mingzhu first, Dong Mingzhu does not understand the rules of criticism is always sold out to give money, then accused Haley products sell do not move, and finally to "I have" the zhukeling grounds. The end of the first round. Since then, the battle continued for several times, each time Dong Mingzhu gave the boss to do ideological and political work, while the other is like a bad turn a deaf ear to students. Dong Mingzhu heart the fire more and more fierce, one day finally broke out: "I ask you, Haley to sell air conditioning? Sold on to the money, not to sell to the goods, can not be dragged!" The boss see Dong Mingzhu is a Spitfire, simply to hide, hide but also later promised goods, but do not count. On the fortieth day, Dong Mingzhu was completely detonated: "from now on, where you go where I go, I count!" The boss was dumbfounded, not seen this, then Shiqu opened the warehouse door. Dong Mingzhu went to the warehouse more angry, air conditioning was placed in disorder, packaging has long gone, looks like a pile of waste. ;相关的主题文章:

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