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Take a deep look into the heart of the Trump Network business. Inside I will review the following. 1) Find out about the Trump Network .pany (including the mlm opportunity). 2) Learn about the Trump products. 3) Discover THE Donald himself and why he chose to venture into multi-level marketing. The Trump Network .pany Being that The Donald (Donald Trump) is a real estate icon, it’s natural to assume that a Trump branded network marketing opportunity would be about real estate wealth. Well not so fast! THE TRUMP NETWORK is indeed a unique mlm opportunity, but it’s NOT real estate. It IS however a home business opportunity that is designed to make people healthier with vitamins and nutritional supplements. During times like these that we have today, Trump Network is here to encourage individuals to be.e entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial future. The Customized Trump Network Nutritional Supplement You must be asking, "How is Donald Trump’s nutritional supplement different from all the rest?" What separates Trump Network supplements from other network marketing nutritional products is the ability to customize. No longer will you have to guess which nutrients your body needs. The Trump Network offers three primary programs. They are the Custom Essentials Program, the Silhouette Solution Program and the QuickStik Program. * Custom Essentials – The Trump Network has developed the PrivaTest which is a simple in-home test/survey that scientifically answers your need to know what vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients your body needs every day. After the PrivaTest determines the daily formula, each customized nutritional supplement will contain the right amount of the following: (1) antioxidants, (2) chelated minerals, (3) phytonutrients and (4) whole vitamin .plexes. The Trump Network’s consumers should expect to see that their Custom Essentials will boost their cellular nutrition and give them nutritional balance that their body needs. * Silhouette Solution Program – This is a carefully designed weight management program. The Carefully Calibrated Foods in Silhouette Solution’s 19 unique snacks ensure that a body consumes smaller calorie-controlled meals, instead of 3 big meals each day. * QuickStik – This is referred to as a Mood Infusion beverage that is an alternative to sugar and caffeine containing drinks. QuickStik offers 3 distinct blends. * QuickStick WindUp -This is the morning beverage to get the day started. * QuickStick ReWind – This is the afternoon beverage to help with after lunch fatigue. * QuickStick UnWind – This is the late evening beverage infuses you to help the body unwind. The Trump Network MLM Opportunity Each distributor can earn money by making a one-time FastStart Way purchase ($48 membership and $449 business starter kit). This will qualify them to earn all seven levels of FastStart Way bonuses ($100, $25, $20, $20, $20, $20, $20). After signing up with the FastStart Way AutoShip program, a distributor is eligible to sponsor five people who start the same way. The sponsor receive a $100 FastStart Bonus each time a recruit replicates the process. The Trump Network offers 13 levels of directors to date. * Learning Levels – 4 Distinct Directors 1. Director 2. Bronze Director 3. Silver Director 4. Gold Director * Supplemental In.e – 4 Distinct Directors 1. Platinum Director 2. Platinum (1) Director 3. Platinum (2) Director 4. Platinum (3) Director * Wealth Creation – 5 Distinct Directors 1. Diamond Director 2. Diamond (1) Director 3. Diamond (2) Director 4. Diamond (3) Director 5. Executive Diamond Director The Trump Network Founders * Donald Trump – The Donald * Scott Stanwood – Vice President of .munications 相关的主题文章:

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