Detective Avatar gourmet! Conan official app will send Conan to eat apple benefits

Detective Avatar gourmet! The official Conan APP will send Conan to eat the apple welfare on-line in February of this year "detective Conan official APP" provides an optimal sharing and information platform for the majority of the fans of Conan, the day before the official APP will be announced during the period from October 24th to November 11th launched the "limited detectives food Aesthetics" featurette. The special Chinese dishes, sushi, etc. Hand-Pulled Noodle "delicacy cuisine" as selected 8 key words in the puzzle series, during the APP limit free watch. In addition, during the event, the purchase included the story version of Volume 2 above can get Conan apples wallpaper. Wallpaper to eat apple Conan can be described as different, very cute. On the house have commented: "Conan from the detective become a connoisseur, can really play." "Conan is so cute that I want to eat apples." "The feeling of an apple can make Conan look away." "After the new dad became gourmet, Conan also want to become a gourmet?" Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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