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Travel-and-Leisure It was an evening desert safari trip he had booked with the travel agent. They intimated us the time for pick up and confirmed the trip and did give a piece of advice i.e. to take lighter meal, so as not to feel un.fortable while sand bashing , sand bashing is the most exciting part of the trip, it’s like a roller coaster 4×4 Drive on the desert sand dunes. We were ready and waiting eagerly for the pickup, it was winter time and the day was pleasant much to our .fort. The land cruiser screeched to a halt in front of us and we boarded the car and handed over the reservation slip. A Russian family was also there and the driver was speaking English and explaining things about the desert, my husband too joined in their conversation, I was listening and understood we are on the way to Awir, the desert area spread around 30 km away from Dubai, I looked out through the car window and was enjoying the scenic beauty, when the car stopped near a fuel station and the driver deflated the tyres to make a smooth ride on the deserts. We could see quad bikers merrily riding towards the desert. By the time we reached the desert we became good friends with the Russian family and the land cruiser driver, we were approaching the desert, the much anticipated moment came, sand bashing, the driver was deftly taking the land cruiser through the sand dunes and its curves in a way to make us shriek in excitement, it was really entertaining and thrilling. Indeed his friends re.mended it right. After sand bashing, the driver stopped on the desert, the scenery was amazing and breathtaking, golden rays of sun on the sand, the vastness and solitude of the desert was overpowering, my spouse started taking snaps, the sunset and the amazing sands of Arabia in backdrop, he was trying to capture both of our photos by himself then another passenger came forward and clicked the snap for us. We explored the desert for a while admiring the scenic opulence. Then we were taken to the camp amid the desert, for me it was like a fairy land as in Arabian nights, we were provided with Arabic coffee and dates as soon as we entered the camp. The camp was surrounded by tents and looked like an authentic desert camp of a bygone era, but had all the modern amenities. We spent 3 to 4 hours in the camp, trying the traditional recreations like ‘sheesha’ (This is known as ‘hukka’ in India.) the apple flavored puff was awesome and the henna painter received me with a hearty smile and carefully applied it on my hands, then we moved to the camp where we donned the traditional khandura and abaya (traditional Arabic dress for men & women) and got us photographed together in the dress, I was enjoying each moment. It was getting dark and the illuminated camp was buzzing with activities, there were traditional shop for antiques and artifacts, the camels along the date palm trees were moving and people were taking a ride on it as well, I pated the camel gently and took snaps, then went on to have the sumptuous BBQ dinner. The food was yummy and fresh, there was enough supply of soft drinks and water, after finishing dinner we set ourselves ready for the feast of the eye, yes its Belly-dancing , a beautiful belly dancer performed belly dance, the lovely Arabic music and the enthralling steps of the dancer created a magical scene, people from different parts of the world in a single roof, admiring the natural and artificial world created amidst the desert , the Russian family too joined us we started chatting for a while then took photographs together and it was time for us to leave. Away from the city we had a real taste of traditional flavor of Dubai for few hours in the most interesting manner, we got inside the land cruiser and the driver dropped us back to our home and the rest to the hotels , we bid farewell to the co passengers, we went home merrily, relishing the memories of the dubai safari trip . A desert safari trip in Dubai is a must, it .plement the whole trip in Dubai. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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