Dancheng, a police station only 13 police cracked the case more than 10 months since 108 shiyang

A Dancheng police station only 13 police 10 months uncovered 108 cases – reporters ran well spring Intern Wang Yimeng read tips as one of only 13 police officers of the police station, more than 10 months cracked 108 cases, destroyed all kinds of criminal gangs and arrested 22 fugitives online, 31, arrested 309 criminal suspects the average per person, 23 criminal suspects arrested, prosecuted and pursuit of achievements in the city’s 185 police stations in 9 consecutive months to maintain the first. It’s a brilliant record. But it’s true! Dancheng County Metro station is located in the New District of Dancheng County, is located in Dancheng County, the political, economic and cultural center, a total area of 16.98 square kilometers, 9 community consists of 45 residential areas, 30 villages, 39 thousand and 800 residents. Large area, population, public places of entertainment, restaurants, hotels, public security situation is relatively complex…… Grassroots police stations are facing the general difficulties here. But this is only 13 police Metro police station, but hit a monthly average of 10 suspects arrested in the impressive results of the 23! Miracle is how to refine into? Dancheng County Public Security Bureau police station in the fight against criminal law and the successful practice of outstanding achievements, the provincial public security bureau Party committee, deputy director Li Fazheng gave a high degree of evaluation and fully affirmed. Provincial public security corps sent a research group to research topics, the brothers have come to learn the attendant units at all levels". So what do they have? Reporters also go to see what. Magic under the above rate create unity enterprising atmosphere "to make a team spirit, to create a good working atmosphere, to form a better work, than learning, dedication, discipline than the ratio of inertia. At the same time, we should also be more innovative, through a reasonable mechanism to adjust so that we see the future, see hope, morale." Said Xie Guanghui, director of the institute. In the work, Xie Guanghui took the lead, both when the commander, and when combatants. In order to find clues, he and the police take the initiative to take office in Dancheng county court in recent 5 years the court sentenced to theft, robbery, fraud, robbery criminal information, from carefully combing valuable clues to carry out investigation. At the same time, the police will be divided into 4 working groups, in the group competition, Jiangyoufalie, to stimulate the enthusiasm of police. "No matter what work, day or night, no matter how difficult the task is dangerous, the length of time the lead dry Xie, take the lead in the first charge, without fear. Once there are cases of letters and visits, Xie director let him find the solution, the initiative for the police to lift the trouble." Zhao Hongwei, deputy director of the said. Last October 10th, Xie Guanghui’s wife had a car accident, seriously injured, Xie Guanghui was rushed to the hospital, in the police phoned to say that a large online staff whereabouts, he will entrust the wife is still in a coma for family care, immediately return to the police station the police arrest. After two days and two nights sleepless squat, until the fugitives captured, he didn’t go back to the hospital. Kong Weixian, deputy director of the home there are 90 year old father, his mother paralyzed in bed, his wife was seriously ill, his son is still in elementary school, the family burden is very heavy相关的主题文章:

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