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Web-Development Joomla is a content management system (CMS) and an open source solution that helps the website users to build websites and online applications. It is easy to use and is extensible. It is very popular among software users. It is .patible for any browsers like Chrome and IE. Joomla also allows the pages to be dynamic and allows the user of the website to make changes without changing the code of the website. Joomla is written in PHP and uses OOP techniques. Now the question arises of why users or web developers should go for Customized Joomla templates .The Joomla templates are the main elements of any Joomla websites. Having a good and unique template brings quality traffic to the website and also adds value to the website in form of portfolio, photography, blogs and other websites. There are other good points that note the value of having customized Joomla templates.They are: – Joomla templates change the websites look and feel – Liberty of experimenting with features – A different website layout feel – Good coding=good speed of website Joomla is a CMS and also a tool to create a dynamic website with proper RSS Feeds, blogs, and performance improvement.Joomla templates are also useful for managing .ponents and modules, SEO Friendly URL, search engine built-ins and managing all images.The joomla templates can be customized for flash templates in inserting logos, changes in animations, customized navigation of websites as per the need and inserting and creating content pages. Joomla website helps in placing the website at its destination with proper traffic and SEO friendly environment with regular updates from time to time.Joomla CMS Customization helps to put together different templates and themes and more features on the users website with control power.This customization helps a user to put his services in line with his .petition and helps to show his website differently from others.It is very important to take help of a professional Joomla developer to have a customized website for your business and its needs with more features and good functionalities. A good Joomla developer will help the user to have a user friendly presentation of the website with good plug in features usability and standard website which as W3C validity. They also help in making E-.merce websites, making shopping cart feature, .ponent and content development with .munity portals among others. Joomla customization is easy because of its built in features that allow easy integrations and plug-ins that allow extensions to enhance Joomla websites by .ponents.Joomla customization helps a user to have flash templates that can be modified as per the users need. It includes development of widgets, modules, themes and banners and their customization along with images and new design themes. Using Joomla allows the user to use word processing in a simple way where the user can edit or add his content directly on the website in affordable cost. Joomla customization can be done by integrating Plug-ins in Joomla by: – Blogs – Photo or Image gallery – Google Map – .munities. – Store management – Customized modules and template integration – Customized layout. – A ready to use template manager So that is why there is a rising need of having a Joomla customized services for the website in I.T industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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