Chong Jing – a large truck tire fire (Figure)

Chong Jing – a large truck tire fire (Figure) firefighters used water cannon on the fire fighting truck. Guangxi news network correspondent   Nanjing Liying for map Guangxi Chongzuo news network November 25th news (correspondent Ning Liying) on November 25th at 8:40 in the morning. Chongzuo Jiangzhou fire squadron received the fire brigade command center of Chongzuo police said: Chongzuo Jiangzhou Chong Jing – from a truck fire occurred in Chongzuo north exit 500 meters, the situation is very urgent. After the alarm, Jiangzhou squadron immediately dispatched 3 water tankers, 1 rescue vehicles and 20 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight the blaze. Jiangzhou fire brigade arrived at the scene, the scene found that the fire was a large truck, the site of the fire truck right rear wheel, the fire is in the early stage. According to the scene of Combat Command commander immediately issued, the field officers were divided into two groups: the first group is responsible for water supply and on-site warning, prevent traffic accidents; second sets of two water cannons on the fire truck rear fighting. Fire officers and soldiers in accordance with the operational plan to carry out an attack on the fire, after nearly 20 minutes of intense fighting, the fire was extinguished. The flame is extinguished, and continued on the big truck fuel tank and other important sites for cooling, to ensure a large truck is no longer possible resurgence. According to the parties concerned, as required for the protection of the tire will weigh the water in the tank drained in the water drained empty that does not need to add water, resulting in vehicles in the process of fire.相关的主题文章:

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