China needs to show leadership through G20

It is necessary to borrow the G20 Chinese show leadership Sina Finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Shen Jianguang if we can help Hangzhou G20 summit platform in promoting growth and preventing financial risks, to play a greater role to increase financial support and promote structural reform, leading the infrastructure investment, not only helps to drive the global economy and China that is more conducive to the improvement in the global economic and financial affairs Chinese discourse power and influence. China is necessary to show the leadership of the G20 G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou next week. At present, the global economic growth, innovation and structural reform, regional security and counter-terrorism, investment, trade and infrastructure, international tax cooperation, international financial framework, counter-terrorism, green finance and a series of issues are important challenges facing the world today, are likely to be the summit to discuss issues. Chinese as the first country to host the G20 summit, is the world’s population and trade superpower, second largest economy, how to demonstrate leadership in the world’s highest level meeting, leading the world economic and financial governance and out of concern. In my opinion, the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China’s leading role in the following aspects worth looking forward to: first, in the absence of global leadership in general, the cohesion of national leadership. I nearly two months in Europe and the United States to visit institutional investors and multinational companies in more than and 20 cities, an obvious sign is that the developed countries in the democratic system seems to fall into the dilemma of lack of leadership. People on the political leaders of the discontent of unusually strong, the elite and the masses around the bottom gap gradually increased, anti globalisation, anti immigrant nationalism prevails, developed countries generally face the embarrassing situation of lack of leadership. Such as the United States is facing an election, the two parties have reached an agreement to increase infrastructure spending, the Trump disrupted the mainstream parties A new force suddenly rises. pattern, greatly strengthened American Isolationism; a British exit is Europe’s black swan event, the left or right pole thought, and anti immigrants tend to rise in continental Europe; French President Hollande’s re-election prospects in Germany, the terrorist attacks of Merkel’s support rate fell to Japan; negative interest rate measures the effect is limited, the pessimistic market sentiment. China, by contrast, should show its current strengths, that the political environment is stable, the economy has stopped falling, and reform measures are being rolled out. In addition, the host can borrow G20 will unite the world’s desire for stable desire, actively participate in cooperation to promote the demand, in my opinion, it is not only helpful to promote Chinese economic growth, is an important contribution to the global economy, is in itself reflects the China responsibility and leadership. Two is to promote fiscal policy and structural reforms. We can see that, in order to get out of the economic downturn, the country’s monetary policy innovation after another, quantitative easing, negative interest rates are not previously involved in the field. However, as I mentioned earlier in the article, the effectiveness and sustainability of loose monetary policy challenges. If a large number of enterprises in developed countries to hoard cash but weak investment, the Bank of Japan negative interest rates, the European Central Bank cut interest rates, the yen, the euro is large相关的主题文章:

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