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Virgo is known as the sign of the teacher. Virgo inspires you to be optimistic in your philosophy of life. It’s no accident that school begins during September, as education is governed by Virgo. Consciously embrace the love and idealism that pour through your body during this month. Energies: Love energy expressing itself as service; Idealism expressing itself as spirituality which will also lead you to service. Love Energy In the beginning, you may be too self-centered, with only enough love for yourself. As the pendulum swings, you might become so loving toward others that you become sacrificial and forget to include yourself. Mature love will balance the love you have for yourself and others in your life. Love is the scariest of all the energies. As a Virgo, you receive the energy more in your mind and your physical body. Love is the great connector. It is the pure and innocent part of you, the child in you before you become jaded. Allow your love to mature without shutting it out and you will reap the benefits. Idealism Energy This is the optimism in you that keeps you going forward, knowing that it will all turn out okay no matter how it looks now. Idealism will lead you toward the spiritual part of yourself which can be through many different methods such as; traditional religions, shamanism, spirituality, metaphysical or new age. True idealism always leads you into service, helping those that are weaker. Virtues: Idealistic, loving, devotional, patience and goodness. Idealistic I hope you have found your way into a profession that is a fit for the energies pouring through you. Your idealism and preciseness is just what is needed as a doctor, a nurse, care giver or anyone in the health field. Helping those that are true victims; the ill, disabled, elderly, or precious newborns will give you the most satisfaction. You may prefer the preventive health field as a nutritionist, fitness instructor or personal trainer. Or you just may prefer to challenge your physical body by becoming a golfer, bicycler, dancer, runner, mountain climber or any sport that challenges your physical mastery. You would be a fabulous teacher. Research may not be your thing but documentation, writing textbooks, or "how to" manuals is perfect for you. The idealist in you will find its best expression being in service. Service can lead you into first, being a student of religion; metaphysics, new age or shamans, and then progressing to a teacher or minister. You will always enjoy learning, studying and keeping yourself updated. Loving Your heart opens when you are around people in need. You want to help them and take care of them. Devotional You can be the perfect student, truly dedicated, hanging on to every word your teacher says. You are a true joy for any teacher. Patience You can help others through the crawling, falling down stages of life, until they can finally walk on their own. You believe in them and know they will make it, no matter how it looks sometimes. Goodness You really try to be the best you can, endeavoring to bring out the goodness in you. You really don’t like it when you exhibit bad behavior. You are more likely to be very hard on yourself. Vices: Fussy, worrier, zealot and critical. Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become. Fussy You want everything to be orderly and just perfect. When it isn’t, you can be hard to live with, being picky and fussy. Worrier There is a learning curve to anything new. You worry through all the stages until it turns out the way you envisioned it to be. Zealot Whatever you are involved in; nutrition, religion or what have you, you become fanatical. Critical You can always see what is wrong. You can walk into a room and see everything that is out of place or needs repair. You are just as observant and critical of people. Love Compatibility: Sagittarius shares your idealism, making you most compatible. They will also add fun and humor into your life. Pisces shares your sensitivity and idealism. Service is also their calling. Pisces is your opposite sign, which brings about a magnetic attraction, a pull toward each other which is great for intimacy. While you are more at home with your intelligence and your physical body, Pisces is more adept emotionally and intuitive. You’ll just keep going deeper with each other. Your intelligence will turn into wisdom as you use your mind to solve problems of the heart. Gemini shares your love of leaning and understanding. Their communication skills will help to balance your shyness. 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