Changchun Housing Fair 23, the opening of the second floor of the secondary room free of charge 70

Changchun Housing Fair 23 opening of second-hand housing 70 flat fee free following 23 days, Changchun evening news reporter from the Changchun municipal government press conference was informed that the 2016 Changchun real estate and related industrial products fair in 23 to 27 in the Changchun International Exhibition Center, a period of 5 days. There are people interested in the purchase, you can go to visit to buy, there are multiple concessions during the show. It is understood that the exhibition organized by the Municipal People’s government Changchun Changchun, housing security and the real estate management bureau and Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee Changchun branch hosted by Changchun International Exhibition Center, Changchun real estate industry association, Changchun real estate valuers and real estate brokers institute. In order to run the current housing fair, the organizing committee will do innovative model, the comprehensive utilization of a variety of advantages of resources, and strive to create a more obvious effect, more extensive, more distinctive features of the housing fair. The exhibition of participating enterprises, including local and overseas real estate development enterprises 28 home, 4 home real estate intermediary enterprises, financial enterprises 7, news media 15, home building materials enterprises 27. This exhibition listings is also diverse, both in the city, there are other towns; both the new commercial housing, there are second-hand housing; both residential and non residential products, is very rich. From the housing structure, the exhibition will be available for sale 4 million 574 thousand and 500 square meters of housing, the set of 44613. Of which 3 million 80 thousand square meters of commercial housing, a total of more than 28554 square meters, non residential more than 54.1 square meters, the second set of second-hand housing, a total of 906 thousand and 100 square meters, a total of 11400 sets of second-hand non residential area of 47 thousand and 400 square meters, a total of 500 sets. Organizing committee also introduced preferential policies and convenient measures. One is the exhibitors of new residential housing transaction fee is halved (standard is 2 yuan per square meter), non residential new commercial housing according to the total limit of 0.1% (charge standard for the total 1629 0.3%); two is the stock of residential housing transfer, 70 square meters of exempt transaction fees, more than 70 square meters transaction fees charged by half (standard is 4 yuan per square meter); three is the stock of non residential housing transfer, transaction fees charged by turnover of 0.3% (standard for the turnover of 1%). The above preferential policies by the end of October 31st (excluding Shuangyang District, nine district). At the same time, in the introduction of preferential policies, exhibitors are also competing to introduce preferential measures. A special offer is launched and residential premises; the two is the introduction of the purchase gifts housing area, property fees preferential; three is to give a one-time payment discount; four is the introduction of low down payment or 2 annual payment policy. In addition, the exhibition also launched three convenience measures: one is to provide real estate related policies and regulations issued policy advisory services, promotional materials and exhibitions "Catalogue"; two is the development of enterprises to provide free showings car exhibition; three is held in the real estate market forum, VR house, enjoy preferential purchase prices. The rich and colorful activities.相关的主题文章:

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