Chain package finally out, the results for a more ugly pop (video)

Chain package finally OUT, the results for a more ugly pop although the fox is a soil girl, but can not be more accurate to predict the trend of fashion trends. Big designer once the brain hole wide open, fashion circle reform is often the case. For example, once the chain designers pet package is a sudden fall from grace, 2016 bags of world wide straps. In fact, to trace the origin of it, is the first Chanel in 2012, "Paris – Mumbai" early autumn series, had to put on the bag all the wide straps. Perhaps the Chanel package was Born Under A Bad Sign, wide straps just really will begin to flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, after the boom lift up or from the Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched Strap You thick straps (anyway, Lafayette design….). Then the fox will start from Fendi, one by one for the inventory of all the bags under wide straps of major brands! Fendi wide straps was launched in the 2016 Fendi summer series in fine fashion make love, like a small monster like bag and pendant, become a new generation of Fendi Pendant head! But Strap you is not a bag, it’s just a tape. Wide straps either spell leather, snakeskin or amphibole mosaic three-dimensional flower decoration, both attribute weight loss and practical, and can be used as accessories to improve the overall sense of style LOOK. This bag can make you free collocation bag, can not only make your bags minute color, but also to the overall shape of your points, new skills that you get? Olivia Palermo immediately took to the streets, the bag she has a yellow with the money. Gigi Hadid collocation is very eye-catching red touch, Fendi. Marc JacobMarc Jacobs Snapshot (camera bag) is only one size, but this bag wins in the rich color, double zipper design is also very chic. Rough shoulder straps and petite body collocation, a mischievous sense of humor collision, also filled with a typical American enthusiasm. Choose the bag street to red grilled Yang Mi Ni Ni take beauty package "all" because of the small, so the use of color is also very bold, does not make people feel the color of the garish, small but more interesting than the solid collocation. Most importantly, its price is high, as long as more than 2 thousand yuan soft, put the strap after removal can also be used as a hand bag Oh, figure Gigi collocation is to tear down the straps. Many stars are back this bag, Song Jia, Liu Shishi, Li Yuchun and Yuan Shanshan are weeding out of street wear. Cé lineCé line launched in the spring of 2010 Cé line Twisted Cabas handbag, in the winter 2015 show and get a new interpretation, not only to become clear in the simple outline, retaining straps based wide above is also in the details from head to toe design reflects the charm of the brand has always been no deliberate. It is made up of two different colors.相关的主题文章:

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