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Castle Peak capital Zhang Ye: angel investment is the most important for the next generation of entrepreneurs in September 27th, Castle Peak capital founder Zhang Ye organized by the Qing Branch Group and "investment circles" salon scene, to share his views on investment and early investment logic. He believes that investment and entrepreneurship, the most important and most critical point is the ability to think independently. The longer the investment, the investor’s judgment of the project and the industry, the judgment of the people are convergence. In this case, the most precious is the differentiation of each investor, and the difference is derived from the ability to maintain independent thinking. The following is a transcript of his speech, the content from the Castle Peak capital WeChat public number. Zhang Ye, founder of Castle Peak capital, often asked about the direction of a business project, the team, the pattern is not right, so I have been asked repeatedly at least 1000 times, how to answer it? The direction, mode is some layer of things, now the business community is changing fast, this layer of things every month, actually when you answer these questions, I think it is going to be starting from the nature of things, looking for investment and entrepreneurial core logic. Angel investment is the pursuit of a small probability event I have a lot of investors, he may want to do investment because of public welfare and charity, there are also some people to love feelings, which will invest it, our discussion today is based on the nature of investment is the premise to make money or profit, we do not discuss the feelings and public welfare something. The concept of investment, investment behavior has a lot of kinds, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and so on, VC and other investment behavior have a very big difference, most of the investment behavior is the basis to avoid small probability of systemic risk to pursue a relatively high income. What about angel investing or early VC? On the contrary, we are in the pursuit of the success of small probability events. We all know that the early success of the investment probability? Perhaps the success probability of early investment is only 5% or 10%. When you make an investment decision to throw him a sum of money, you should be aware of the possibility that the project will give you a cash return of not more than 10%. In other words, you cast him in that moment you will know there is a 90% probability of the Da Shuipiao money. Such investment behavior in other industries rarely exist, angel investment is a special way of investment, the pursuit of small probability events, rather than to avoid the risk of high probability. In this probability is very important, angel investment or VC is a probability game, you just do better in this probability range. I want to play a game with you. As an investor, it is impossible for anyone to see all the items on the market. Take a data, from 2010 to now our startups total should be around 1 million 600 thousand, figures are not necessarily accurate, if you want to see all the startups, even with a entrepreneurs talk as long as 10 minutes, 24 hours a day to see, in about 30 years, so an investor to see all the.相关的主题文章:

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