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Software The most awed at feature of Magento is its ability to handle multiple stores, and Magento e.merce developers can have access to various websites built managed using Magento, from a single back-end platform. Using this feature a Magento e.merce developer can manage a single store using different URLs and at the same time if the developer wants to have the same products in a single URL in different languages then that can also be done. This advantage in Magento helps Magento e.merce developers to maintain a scalable market store as the market grows. Website Description A website can consist of one or more stores with the same information of customers, order information and shopping cart. Though this is a very broad classification of numerous intricate details but the necessary changes and aspects can be added for each Magento developers unique requirements to provide the customers. Stores Description There are various ways in which Magento developers can set up a store. But when two or more stores are a part of a single website then the website built by the Magento programmer sharing certain information is inevitable. Displaying Stores Predominantly Store views are used to display stores in different languages and seldom different styles are used. So if a website developed by a Magento developer has requirements of being displayed in more than one language then the Magento developer can develop the website once and have as many Store views as the number of languages. The setup which is preferred by a lot of merchants is the one site one store set up which actually does the task which it supposed to do .petently. But Magento developers advice all users to have a basic understanding the reasons for using multiple site and stores model to know the difference between globally default options and other options assigned specifically for websites and stores. Architectural Advantages of Magento Magento is developed in such a way enabling Magento e.merce developers and Magento programmers to concentrate and customize more for the merchants site according to the stores uniqueness. The seamless customization options available in Magento make it simple for Magento programmers to do the above. According to the Magento developers .fort the core code can be separated from the .munity and customizations done locally. By doing this changes can be made without losing upgrade privileges. The high standards of codes written by the Magento developers enable to enhance the efficiency of the software and provide intense security of the online storefront. Magentos Core .ponents The core .ponents of Magento present in the downloaded version consists of all functionalities needed by a Magento programmer to build a website store. The core code of Magento is a Magento certified collection of modules developed by the core development team. But Magento programmers are advised not to edit the core code modules as it might disable Magento from upgrading further. Magento provides technical benefits in its functionalities which eases the work of Magento developers. Easy, secure and beneficial are the qualities of Magento that Magento programmers find as advantages in Magento and merchants also get their requirements accurately. About the Author: How Organizations Can Benefit From Database Performance Management By: Rosario Berry – The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and .plex in terms of their functionality. 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