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Behind the love is the parents can not bear the separation of anxiety – Education – People’s original title: love behind the parents can not bear the separation of anxiety in September, and the school season. At this time of year, the separation of parents and children is a common topic in college counseling centers. For some students, before the basic necessities of life are dependent on their parents, are not accustomed to independent life, there are also some students, is how to get rid of parental care and trouble. Slightly facing such trouble. Every morning my mother would give her a micro letter, told her to eat breakfast, noon to her micro channel, told her nap, night for her micro channel, ask her this day, even about what to wear to her every day, what hair comb. Slightly said that she had to apply for the University of Beijing, is to think of a kind of life without parental control, to be free, independent. "Now mother so I, let me feel very helpless, want to resist but not the heart, afraid of her sad, but it really makes me feel suffocated." Like a mother so deeply love the child’s parents, really not a few. The annual University School season, also dubbed the "send the quarter", many parents have to send their children to college, my father mother box carry bag, accompany children to report, we booked the hotel very early. At this time of the year, around the university is hard to find a room. Some parents to take care of the children, even rented a house near the school, ready to read. Our parents are not picked up the phone down, child care what to eat, what to wear, enough to use the money, exhort. In the face of a new life in college, parents are more anxious than children. Many parents worry about their children at the same time, but also complained: when my child can be independent ah? Yes, when will the child be independent? It must have been the independence of the parents, the child’s independence. Children grow up, eager to have independent space, to try a different life, have their own power, which is an inevitable law of life. Man, all his life, is to be himself, to be a free and independent individual. In the psychologist’s view, all the love in the world is aggregated for the ultimate purpose, only one kind of love for the purpose of separation, that is, the love of parents to their children. The true love of the parents is to let the child as soon as an independent individual from their own lives, the separation of the earlier, the more successful parents. Many parents are not aware of, in their hearts, the child is always a child, even if it is already 18 years old, still treat him like a child, still not assured. Behind the love, in fact, parents can not bear the separation of anxiety, parents are psychologically independent, but also need to rely on children. Some parents, perennial life around the children, children to college, do not know what to do, there is a deep sense of loss; some parents do not want to believe that their children can leave, arrange their life, children’s independence means that they lost control, have a heart feeling abandoned; and parents have a habit of children accompany children leave home, seems to have lost a dependent relationship, feel very lonely…… Many)相关的主题文章:

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