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Home-Based-Business Event planning is a multi billion dollar industry. If you are looking for a career change and be.e your own boss and you have what it takes, event planning may be just the career for you. There are always events to be planned and this can be a successful home based business. Events are part of being human. Be.e a successful event planner with these 9 tips documented below. a successful event planner who is .mitted to being a success and running a successful business requires the right attitude and putting forth a lot of time and energy. You have to be able to pay attention to the fine details in order to offer your clients the best service possible. A lot of your business will be derived from word of mouth so providing excellent customer service is key. 9 Tips for Success as an Event Planner 1. Personality is key. Having a great personality allows you to interact with all kinds of people that you shall meet in an event planning business. Your personality and how you handle different situations will make a huge difference in whether you are a success or not as an event planner. 2. A successful event planner has access to the best suppliers for his or her business needs and cultivating positive relationships with these suppliers is very important. Research different suppliers for your various supply needs before you select who you shall work with. 3. .munication is very important. You need to convey your thoughts effectively to clients and your employees if any. It is also important that you are a good listener to pay attention to your clients’ needs, wants and concerns. A successful event should always make the client happy regardless of what you think. The event is about the client and not about you. 4. You have to be able to provide various options to your clients to be a successful event planner. Having a number of vendors that you work with shows variety and allows your clients to make a choice from the various options available. The availability of options allows your clients to feel involved to some extent in the planning. 5. Think about the types of events you would like to plan. There are multitudes of events that you can specialize in or a .bination of two or three such as corporate functions, weddings, dinners, birthday parties, club promoting, etc. You can keep up with trends and activities at various events as you continuously research. Learning should never end. 6. Ask your clients to take pictures of the various events that you successfully plan to show to prospective clients the quality of your work. 7. Keep in touch with your clients that are pleased with your services. Call them every now and then to see whether they know anyone that they could refer to you who may need your services for various events. Keep in touch with them through various corporate emails or newsletters, etc. Ask to use them as references to prospective clients who want to inquire about the quality of your work. 8. Location, location, location. Addressing this is so important to your success or failure. Your location needs to be easily accessible and somewhere that your clients will feel .fortable visiting. 9. Always consider the budget for each event that you discuss with your clients with the various options available for each budget. It is possible to pull off a great event within any budget set forth. You may need to be resourceful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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