Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan resigned because of economic problems, the Sohu understand the myst winavi

Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan resigned because of economic problems, the Sohu understand the Mystery Science and technology will not stop at the weekend, yesterday evening, Baidu released internal e-mail, bulletin, vice president of E-staff member Li Mingyuan Baidu in violation of occupation moral regulations, approved the resignation. Baidu to the Internet world dropped a bombshell, has been regarded as the successor of Robin Li, from the director to the VP 2 years, 29 years old was promoted to Vice President Li Mingyuan, this is not a time to leave Baidu brilliance, "East incident", "Prince deposed" emerge in an endless stream. In fact, after the adjustment of the internal structure of Baidu has been discerned. At the beginning of this year, Li Mingyuan’s report to the dragon, instead of Robin Li, and that a year ago, Baidu power structure adjustment, Li Mingyuan rose, compared to a situation, can be quite different. And, when the seat in Robin Li about him, after Robin Li’s speech within him, even in this year’s World Congress on Baidu no appearance, has attracted media speculation again and again. As early as September of this year, the famous media people Lei Jianping has received the resignation of Li Mingyuan broke the news, and seeking to confirm to Baidu, the result is this dialogue style is elegant: (to carefully explore the search for Lei Jianping’s "Baidu" Prince "Li Mingyuan resigned to avoid responsibility," when Robin Li cries cut Ma Su ") the Baidu internal mail screenshot one, attracted industry in an uproar, some people say that in the past Baidu $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio said" big ", finally got the interpretation, but small Hao feel that this is now to take look at a thing of the past, a poor guide, not to mention that the 91 wireless Baidu nemesis 360 hot pursuit, the situation forced, more premium is to avoid Baidu’s most realistic mobile Internet subversion. But the message is still passed out too much worth carefully try to figure out and questioned information: 1, Charles Li Mingyuan, the cause is reported. So who is in the report, Ta and Lee is what relationship, why report? 2, the words are not suspected, but "verified", "", so when is the irrefutable evidence. So then the specific point of the evidence, and Li Mingyuan have the interests of the business entities and individuals who, how they are related to the interests of the association, which is related to the amount of the amount? 3, in that case, not handed over to the judicial, but quit account, either problem has little effect on the company, either for old to let go, or both. So how do the board of directors, investors how to see, whether there is damage to the interests of small investors, SEC will launch an investigation? If the so-called private huge economic exchanges amount? Whether there are illegal suspects, there may be public prosecution? 4, the crime by litigation involving 3 different companies, that whether meant for evil, or behavior not only take advantage of people, all Rome was not built in a day. So before, why Baidu has not been found? How much time does it take? From when to start? When to prove? 5, "the old man with Baidu", as the final judgement. Li Mingyuan is still in the soul of Baidu, Baidu do not forget him, he still love Baidu. in相关的主题文章:

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