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Autumn eat persimmon can heat lungs   these diet taboo notes — food channel — original title: Autumn persimmon can eat these food taboos for heat lungs dried persimmon is autumn delicacy, sweet taste is very popular. Although the delicious persimmon also has rich nutritional value, but also has the taboo is need to know. Today, for you to check what cannot eat together and persimmon and who can not eat persimmons, do not miss. Persimmon fruit efficacy and effect of dried persimmon sweet astringent, flat, non-toxic; persimmon astringent, flat, lung, spleen, stomach, large intestine; heat lungs, Shengjinzhike, spleen and reducing phlegm; for the treatment of cough, dry mouth, thirst, vomiting, and diarrhea. Fresh persimmon Liangxue hemostatic effect; artificial lungs, throat, mouth sores can be used; with Jiangni Diospyros kaki; persimmon persimmon leaves and gastric bleeding; hemostatic effect, for the treatment of hemoptysis, hematemesis, hematochezia, bleeding, recent research found that persimmon persimmon leaves and step-down, diuresis, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects. So, what need to pay attention to eat persimmon taboo? Persimmon can not eat and what sweet potato and sweet potato: dried persimmons can not eat together, the two with the food, easy to get stomach persimmon stone, it caused heavy life-threatening gastric perforation. Sweet potato starch containing more, eat the stomach acid will produce a lot of people, if you eat some persimmons, persimmon produced in the acid precipitation under the action of. Accumulated together, will be the formation of agglomeration are not soluble in water, not only difficult to digest, but also difficult to discharge, it is easy to stomach persimmon stone, serious life-threatening gastric perforation. Black: black and persimmon tannic acid and pectin contained more, eat a lot of dates and dried after the tannic acid and pectin and gastric juice and combined with coagulation, precipitation, so as to form lumps, namely the formation of stones, make people can not digest, and cannot drain, often have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and loss of appetite and other symptoms. Light, small stones, used traditional Chinese medicine discharge; severe, must be treated by surgery, otherwise it will endanger life. So, Heizao, dried persimmon is not eat, but can not eat at the same time. Seafood: seafood in the fish and shrimp, algae are rich in protein and calcium food, and persimmon contains more tannic acid, both edible seafood, protein and calcium in the easy and the effect of persimmon tannic acid, the formation of precipitation, combined into a non digestible substances, causing gastrointestinal irritation. Resulting in consumption phenomenon of vomiting and diarrhea, food poisoning. Egg egg: Persimmon not with food, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. So if you take the time in 1 ~ 2 hours, you can use emetic method. Immediately take salt 20g add boiling water 200ml dissolve, after cooling, drink, if not spit, can drink a few times, rapid promotion of vomiting. Or usefresh ginger mash juice with warm water. If you take a long time to take a laxative to rid the body of toxic substances. Seaweed: seaweed and dried persimmons can not eat together. Seaweed is rich in calcium and tannic acid food, too much persimmon with the food, will produce insoluble conjugates of the same, kelp and persimmon)相关的主题文章:

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