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Autumn eat crab benefits   three tips – Food Channel — original title: Autumn eat steamed crab crab benefits to teach you to buy the 5 points of autumn is the season for eating crab, I believe a lot of people have been unable to bear. Crab is not only delicious, but also has a lot of nutritional value. So, how to evaporate out of the crab? Here to teach you to buy the crabs steaming method and key points. The nutritional value of crabs is rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates. The crab in high cholesterol content. Crab is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements. Crab is rich in vitamin D. Next, take a look at how to choose and cook crabs. The crab’s main points of view: the back carapace of the crab is green gray, shiny, white belly, bright color, no marks on the upper part of the navel, the body is firmly connected to a curved shape. OK: after seeing the appearance to meet the requirements of the crab, one hand a weigh its weight, feel heavy or heavy fat like crab. Peel: peel the crab shell crab navel cover, if the condensation forming, this is a good crab crab. Rachel: crab legs are intact, gently pull the crab legs slightly elastic, that is fresh crab; if not fresh crab, crab legs gently pull, not only the weak force, and the crab legs fall off easily. Smell: smell the stench such as crab, crab that has no food spoilage. Edible crab spoilage can easily cause food poisoning. 3 tips for the first steamed crab, crab to a bath, the crabs with salt water soak for half an hour, so can spit out some dirt crab body, and then steamed crab meat more tender, taste more fresh. After the bubble had to rub a bath, with a waste of a small toothbrush to cover the crab, crab legs are clean around, so eat more healthy. The pot had to let the crab to a comfortable position, lying steamed. The crab belly up, so steamed, crab belly full exposure to steam, can be sterilized, crabs cooked quickly. In addition, the steamed crab is not easy to get rid of claws, crab body integrity, ruddy color bright, so that the table only appetite. Finally, we must remind you that the crab should not eat oh. (Zeng Xuan, Nie Congxiao: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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