Australian radio telescope to join the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (video) winbook

The Australia telescope joined the extraterrestrial intelligence search for life necessities: the exploration of the universe as the school director of the giant telescope search for extraterrestrial intelligence planning research center, Siemion believes the Centaur advanced extraterrestrial existence probability Proxima B is very slim Tencent too empty news according to foreign media reports, a radio telescope in Australia near the town of Parkes in the Zhou also joined the "breakthrough" monitoring plan. The plan by private sponsorship, to hope to find extraterrestrial technology developed intelligent life traces. The first goal of the Parkes telescope is Proxima centauri. The red dwarf is the nearest star to the sun. In August, astronomers announced that they had found a planet close to the earth by the star. The key is, and this planet is from the ruler’s distance from the water permit (if there is) a lot of liquid to exist on the surface. It is well known that liquid water is one of the necessary conditions for the existence of life. However, University of California at Berkeley Andrew Siemion reservations. As the director of extraterrestrial intelligence search Planning Research Center, Siemion believes the Centaur advanced extraterrestrial existence probability Proxima B is very slim. But Siemion also said, but we know there is a star at the door, ask such a question is taken for granted. At present, Siemion is also a breakthrough in monitoring project leader, he said in a statement, such as the first target of the Parkes telescope mission appropriate. The breakthrough project also used automatic monitoring of planetary radio telescope two of the United States Green Bank telescope – West Virginia and California Lick Observatory search device. But the two are not covered toward to Proxima Centauri, also does not cover other southern hemisphere target. Through monitoring project is expected to take 10 years and cost $100 million, to search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). The project funded by the Internet tycoon Yuri Milner, has been recognized by a large number of well-known astronomers, including Stephen Hawking, including. Since the plan was announced last year, has started in January this year, the search for non natural radio signals. This is the search for extraterrestrial life plan is the most complex. (compile)相关的主题文章:

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