As the music mode of War the reflection of Jia Yueting is unrepentant lata-01

As the music mode of War: Jia Yueting’s reflection or bigotry? 13 market capitalization has shrunk (capital market taboo), capital chain rupture (enterprise, facts and rumors of taboo) eventually converge into the larger truth, that has always been a high-profile and on music as ecological model bordering on obsession state as the holding Jia Yueting day before the release of CEO full channel close to 6000 words, and said it would take responsibility and declared music as ecology (seven sub ecological) rapid expansion came to an end, and put forward to optimize the supply chain, reduce spending and strengthen cost control and business awareness and other measures, at the same time, Jia Yueting still insists that the business model will not change the music. I do not know the music industry has seen Jia Yueting’s letter to employees feel? What we see is that from the previous high-profile Jia Yueting never admit the style, the staff in the letter before an anti style admits his obsessive music mode expanded too fast (in fact is to burn too fast, so why do look, euphemism) in fact, my heart felt Jia Yueting music mode to a dangerous situation, if the "fooling" outsiders have seemingly mistaken confessed, but let Jia Yueting serious consequences be unbearable to contemplate, is that if that music mode not, then the consequences may be more serious, the possibility of the instant collapse is not. The reason is very simple, pleasure before Xing (by the capital and industry sought) and now decline (by industry and capital market unprecedented doubt) are derived from the so-called independence Creative music as the ecological model of the story. But the story now, the harsh facts make the story seem so pale and weak. As the saying goes: money can not solve the problem, but now placed in front of the first Jia Yueting or LETV mobile phone is the money problem, the capital chain tension, it is called the music as ecological ecology is all "burn" model, and each model failed to achieve profitability, so once the a shortage of funds, and even rupture, even the so-called "ecological each other have no chance to rob Peter to pay Paul". More deadly, and the music as ecological ecology are in short of money, but the mobile phone business or market competition is too fierce, "burn" Genghen, first appeared only negative effect. In addition to mobile phone business, Jia Yueting will be attributed to the shortage of funds in the investment in ecological car too fast, and in an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology said, if you will be put to the half of the money into the mobile phone business car ecosystem, it will not appear today’s mobile phone business capital chain fracture problems. We believe that this must be Jia Yueting ", after all, and now the words from the bottom of the heart" invisible compared touched the car ecology, mobile phone business is already real business, the market and investors have seen, capital Lianduanlie way again to the outside world proves that the fast development of the mobile phone business is more on the "burn" mode LETV, rather than their own competitiveness in the mobile phone industry; and as the industry and investors focus on the mobile phone business capital chain rupture, for LETV future financing story is definitely not a good theme, this is probably the most "mistake" Jia Yueting place. But then again.相关的主题文章:

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