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Anti haze masks manufacturing standards, how much do you know? Anhui Channel – original title: anti haze masks manufacturing standards, how much do you know? Beijing on 25 November, (reporter Gai Boming Zhong Ya Guo Yujing) disposable sport, cold version, with active carbon, studying in Beijing Luo Chen bought every kind of anti haze masks. "Now the mask is a necessity, and it is better to wear than to wear." Like the morning of the same idea of the public is not a minority. In recent years, buy masks have become part of the public spending habits. But PM2.5 respirators consumers on the market by the sale of anti haze effect is mixed. One of the reasons is that PM2.5 mask production standards have not been recognized by the market. "Demand" and "general", anti haze Masks Market disorderly competition according to Chinese textile trade association statistics, Chinese all kinds of respirators annual demand of around 800 million. Divided into three categories according to the use of industrial masks, medical masks and civilian masks. The annual demand for civilian masks in about 200 million, accounting for demand of 25%. According to the China Textile Business Association statistics, China’s 22 major manufacturers of protective masks in 2015 sales amounted to 565 million 890 thousand yuan. Among them, the production of civil PM2.5 mask based enterprises have 14, in 2015 the total sales of 185 million 680 thousand yuan, accounting for the total sales of $33.4%. Reporters found that many of the original production of industrial masks and medical masks companies have also developed the production of PM2.5 masks. According to statistics, in 2013, China’s production of masks about 500 companies, the current growth of nearly 1000, is expected to produce annual protective masks about about 600 million. On the one hand is a large demand, on the other hand is the supply of disorder". At present, many on the market in the sale of PM2.5 masks no unified logo, uneven quality, brand, change the concept of protection dragons and fishes jumbled together, the product does not have the protection of the basic functions of the PM2.5. These problems not only make it difficult for consumers to choose, but also make their health can not be effectively protected. Deputy general manager of mask maker Sichuang Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. Chen Simin introduced, some mask manufacturers and stores close, on the drilling standard does not correspond to the loopholes, not effective anti haze masks to get the store to sell. For example, some products posted a "PM" "M95" logo, using word games to attract consumers. Consumers see these words are likely to buy, but these masks can not effectively prevent haze. Beijing Xiyuan Hospital Department of respiration director Miao Qing said that if the anti fog and haze masks are not up to standard, it can not play a protective role in the respiratory system, cardiovascular system. Industrial protection standards are not fully applicable to the PM2.5 mask, I bought masks or industrial standards, the effect should be good." Luo Chen told reporters. But some experts said that the market is a large number of industrial dust masks misuse, to consumers a huge health risks. "At present the market’s anti fog and haze mask production enterprises, the vast majority also)相关的主题文章:

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