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"Ambush" Tian Zhong in trouble Liu Naping Trinidad chasing husband – Sohu Tian Zhong entertainment "ambush" as Xiao Hanqian Tian Zhong "ambush" stills entertainment news media produced by Sohu ", directed by Guo Jianyong, Liu Tingyu, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong, Liu Naping and other stars of the red war drama" ambush "is the Guizhou TV Golden theater hit. Tian Zhong played by the army captain Shaw Hanqian twists and turns, finally to participate in the Anti Japanese secret in action, and Shi Yongkai, Yang Chow et al a destroyed the Japanese battle plan task process, but midway distress, exile. Educated in the United States and Japan, major in surveying and mapping engineering, polyglot Xiao Hanqian played with the Japanese ground navigation station China technical personnel identity, however, Shi Yongkai et al in positive instigation, Xiao Hanqian qiantouming, to participate in the Anti Japanese War, and became the captain. However, a Japanese bombing that he lost his mother and lover, a cowardly Xiao Hanqian vowed revenge, determined to get out of Japanese Chinese territory. In a battle plan, he was attacked by the Japanese attack, but was fishing for a living Fisher Girl II (Liu Naping) had saved two people, resulting in a love story capable of evoking praises and tears. Tian Zhong Liu Naping wants to follow Xiao Hanqian back to Chongqing, two suggestions, II temporarily living in the home, however, two people have deep feelings, make Xiao Hanqian heart very uncomfortable. Xiao Hanqian did not want to drag her, more heart revenge issue, so he quietly left a letter left. As everyone knows, but Trinidad chase II passionately devoted husband, has experienced numerous hardships, two people finally met, and safely returned to Chongqing. Xiao Hanqian bumpy road conditions, whether lovers with gentle II? More exciting content, please lock at half past seven every night, Guizhou satellite TV drama "ambush".相关的主题文章:

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