Ambulance is a test of Sohu financial

Ambulance is a civilization test of Sohu financial statements of a school to avoid the ambulance, which is a technical issue; avoid ambulance is a moral issue. Technical problems can be discussed, and moral problems can not be discussed. According to reports, recently Ningbo carrying a cerebral hemorrhage referral ambulance encounter late peak, the critical moment, a few cars to choose "red light", let the ambulance through. After the car owners said, "let the ambulance is necessary, did not think of anything else."!" The traffic control department said, will handle according to the objective situation, but do not advocate red light, at the same time to remind drivers to ensure safety first. With the news in common "private cars blocked the ambulance emergency Lane occupied helpless" compared to Ningbo in the last few private car car with full of positive energy. This also shows that "the quality of Chinese people is low" argument is not reliable. In real life, many drivers will take life as a priority when they encounter similar choices. For example, the reporter was an ambulance driver to the car that things often encountered comity. No doubt, we should praise these private cars to save people from running red lights. Even if it really was a red light punishment, believe that they will not regret it, the so-called "save a life Better than build a seven-storied pagoda". However, we prefer to see the traffic management department investigate the actual situation and be exempted from punishment. Is it necessary to run a red light in order to avoid an ambulance? It is difficult to judge if you are not in the field, so you should lower the right of emergency response to the driver. The traffic control department of the love of the car off. It is a useful demonstration. But even if this is not a signal of impunity, which was interpreted as encouraging the red light. Because running red light in the rescue at the same time, may cause new dangers, not careless. How to avoid an ambulance is a technical problem; it is a moral problem to avoid ambulance. Technical problems can be discussed, and moral problems can not be discussed. This kind of love burst, how to praise can not be too, because compassion is the starting point of all civilized rules. But as the life line, is not only a problem without love. We should see that the overall civilization of the road is still not optimistic. Some time ago there are two negative energy news, one is a SUV to seize the emergency lane, resulting in an ambulance was forced to ride the fence is blocked; two ambulance emergency Lane 40, hundreds of times to ask the doctor to shout. Occupying the emergency lane without any reason is still a common bad habit. The people who took the emergency lane were responsible for the life they were delayed in the ambulance, but were they really cold-blooded? Not necessarily. A person who occupies the emergency lane, is probably a good man in life, just in order to hurry a bit faster, but inadvertently hurt the lives waiting for rescue. This kind of "no intention" can not be forgiven, but it is not necessarily impossible to be corrected. I believe that most people in the society are love and sympathy, but if you do not follow the rules of civilization, love itself is meaningless. If the ambulance is a civilized test, then whether to run a red light is a high-level problem; and whether or not to take the emergency lane is a basic problem. For most road participants, the basis should be put first

避让救护车是一道文明测试题-搜狐财经   一家之言  如何避让救护车,是一个技术问题;避不避让救护车是一个道德问题。技术问题可以讨论,道德问题不容商量。  据报道,近日宁波一辆载着脑出血患者转院的救护车遭遇晚高峰,危急时刻,几辆私家车选择“闯红灯”,让救护车通过。事后有车主说,“让救护车是必须的,没想别的!”交管部门表示,会根据客观情况妥善处理,但不提倡闯红灯,同时提醒司机让行首先确保安全。  与新闻中常见的“私家车占用应急车道救护车无奈被堵”相比,宁波这几辆私家车载着满满的正能量。这也说明了“国人素质低”论调的不靠谱。在现实生活中,许多司机在遇到类似选择时都会以生命为重。比如记者采访这次被让行的救护车司机得知,私家车礼让的事情经常遇到。  无疑,我们应该为这些为了救人闯红灯的私家车点赞。即使最后真的因闯红灯被处罚,相信他们也不会后悔,所谓“救人一命胜造七级浮屠”。不过我们更乐于看到交管部门考察实际情况,免予处罚。  为了避让救护车是不是一定要闯红灯?不置身现场很难判断,所以应该把应急处置权下放给当事司机。交管部门对有爱的私家车免罚,便是一次有益的示范。不过即使真的免罚,这一信号也不该被解读为鼓励闯红灯。因为闯红灯在救人的同时,也可能会造成新的危险,不可不慎。  如何避让救护车,是一个技术问题;避不避让救护车是一个道德问题。技术问题可以讨论,道德问题不容商量。这种爱心的迸发,如何表扬都不为过,因为同情之心是所有文明规则的起点。不过为生命让行,从来就不只是有没有爱心的问题。  我们应该看到,目前的道路文明整体仍不容乐观。前段时间就有两则负能量新闻,一是一辆SUV抢占应急车道行驶,导致救护车被逼骑上护栏;二是救护车被堵应急车道40里,医生喊上百次恳请让道。  无故占用应急车道,仍然是一个普遍的陋习。占应急车道的人,在客观上要为在救护车上被耽搁的生命负责,但他们真的是冷血之人吗?未必。一个占应急车道的人,生活中很可能也是一个靠谱的好人,他只是为了快一点赶路,却无意中伤害了等待救援的生命。这种“无意”是不能原谅的,但却未必是不可“矫治”的。  我相信社会上大多数人都是有爱的、有恻隐之心的,但若不遵循文明的规则,爱心本身是没有意义的。假如避让救护车是一道文明测试题,那么要不要因此闯红灯,是一道高级题;而要不要占用应急车道,则是一道基础题。对于大多数道路参与者来说,应该先把基础题做对。  程仕才(媒体人)相关的主题文章:

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