After the opening of Nantong Haimen high school is often send rice army door cibi

After the opening of Nantong high school school gate is often "Haimen meal army" yesterday, experimental school entrance, parents sent a hot meal to the child, the child standing on the roadside hastily finished. Reporter Dai Yuehua photo after school, every meal at the school gate, especially high school school gate often have a lot of people in the packed lunches dinner, and these people are all pairwise combinations — a parent with a child. In recent days, the reporter found that, even on rainy days, many parents are still on time to send rice. It is understood that the city’s primary and secondary schools to provide student lunch. Why are parents not to mind taking the trouble? Yesterday, the reporter conducted an interview. The majority of the parents of high school meal regardless of the weather at noon yesterday about 11:20, the school bell school, students poured out, Ms. Xu took three son quickly across the road, a fruit shop came across the table, and took out his son to eat snacks, she stood by. Ms. Xu said: the boss is very enthusiastic, put a table to the students to eat, or to eat on the roadside." Ms. Xu from his son on the high start every day to send rice, has been more than two years, every day to change the pattern to do good to him, or he is not afraid to eat incense." When reporters left, another mother and daughter ran across the road and sat at the table to eat. At the gate of a high school, the reporter saw many parents put the car parked in front of the school, bring out all kinds of delicious, milk, fruits, biscuits, one meal, in order to achieve nutrient rich and comprehensive, there are red dates, sweet potatoes, peanuts and other Steamed Rice; food is the same as a box, meat collocation and the children are sitting in the car to eat. Why don’t you go home for dinner or eat in the cafeteria? High school students parents Ms. Huang told reporters: in the cafeteria to eat, always worried that he did not eat well, and the children at noon time to relax, but also to go back to the meal to do homework." Home thousands of meters away from the school, Zhu grandmother said: can give the child to share a little bit to share." The reporter visited a number of schools to deliver meals is the highest proportion of parents, high school students in the interview, nearly 7 students surveyed parents waiting at the school gate on time during the meal period, some day sooner or later to send some weekly sent several times, even some two couples go together. Parents of primary and secondary school students to send rice is relatively small. Half of the students do not want parents to send rice every time they have to queue up to buy rice, three years have been very valuable, I do not want to waste on it." Is reading the high school Xiao Li told reporters, playing the rice window is too small, the students need to line up every time to play, which makes her such as gold can not stand. The same is the high school students, Wang to buy fruit pancake in the street told reporters that he does not want parents to send meal, he thought that the food in the school canteen is also very delicious, often change, around the school there are many small restaurants, can buy all kinds of food, there is no need to let the parents turn around their. In an interview with reporters found, like Wang thought a few students, they said, he is not so fragile, to parents to send meal. Reporters interviewed a random 20 parents to send students, their)相关的主题文章:

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