After 00 girl produced 4 pound baby 30 year old boyfriend home to borrow money (video)-plants war

"After 00" girl gave birth to 4 jin heavy baby girl, 30 year old boyfriend went home to borrow money "00 after", now also have children! About 2:50 in October 7th, born in 2000, this year only 16 years old Ling (a pseudonym) in Yangzhou friendship hospital gave birth to a 4 catties multiple baby girls. According to medical staff, the baby girl should be premature, good mother and daughter safe. Jiang Rong, the head nurse of Department of gynaecology and obstetrics in friendship hospital, introduced Xiao Ling to the emergency department when he was sent to the hospital. The doctor found that the uterine contraction was very strong and transferred to the Department of gynaecology and obstetrics immediately. After a while, the mother gave birth to the next baby girl. In the absence of the money paid, the hospital opened a green channel, free of charge to provide children with packages and other items. It is understood that, because there is no maternity inspection data, the doctor can not determine the pregnancy cycle, "from the neonatal situation, we judge that the child is only 7 months premature infants."." On the morning of the 7 day, Xiaoling borrowed a cell phone from the medical staff and telephoned her father, her boyfriend. According to Xiaoling introduced, boyfriend 30 years old, is Yangzhou Baoying county people, "he sent me to the hospital, back to the home to borrow money."." Xiaoling said that her boyfriend said in the phone 12 o’clock at to the hospital, but it did not appear, until the medical staff alarm, the boyfriend arrived in the hospital in the evening. It is understood that Xiaoling was born in 2000, only 16 years old this year, and his boyfriend is 14 years old. Originally, Xiao Ling graduated from junior high school in Yangzhou to work, was introduced to meet with her boyfriend, after a few months live together. "After pregnancy, I think this is a life, has not been willing to get rid of.". My boyfriend and I can not afford to raise this child, she wanted to give, so let her have a way out." Xiao Ling said experts pointed out that the girl is not yet 18 years old, physical and mental are not mature, the heart is still a child, unable to assume the responsibility of her mother, play a good mother role. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. Girl when working with "boyfriend" elopement Canbei prescription drug trafficking halo

“00后”女孩产下4斤重女婴 30岁男友回家借钱 “00后”如今也生孩子了!10月7日凌晨2点50分左右,2000年出生、今年只有16岁的小玲(化名)在扬州友好医院生下一个4斤多重的女婴。据医务人员介绍,这个女婴应属早产,好在母女平安。友好医院妇产科护士长蒋蓉介绍,小玲送到医院时,先去了急诊科,医生发现其宫缩很强,立刻转至妇产科。没过一会儿,产妇就顺产下一个女婴。在没有缴钱的情况下,医院开通了绿色通道,免费为孩子提供了包被等物品。据了解,由于没有产妇的产检资料,医生无法明确其怀孕周期,“就从新生儿的情况,我们判断孩子是只有7个多月的早产儿。”7日上午,小玲向医护人员借了手机,打电话给孩子的父亲——她的男友。据小玲介绍,男朋友今年30岁,是扬州宝应县人,“他把我送到医院,回老家借钱去了。”小玲表示,男友在电话中说中午12点钟就来医院,但却迟迟没有出现,直到医护人员报警以后,男友才在傍晚赶到医院。据了解,小玲是2000年出生的,今年才16周岁,与其男朋友相差14岁。原来,小玲初中毕业后在扬州打工,经人介绍与男友相识,几个月后就生活在一起。“怀孕后,觉得这是条生命,一直没舍得弄掉。我和男朋友没有经济能力抚养这个孩子,想把她送人,这样也让她有个活路。”小玲说专家指出,这位女孩还未满18周岁,身心都还不成熟,内心还是个孩子,无法承担母亲的责任,扮演好母亲的角色。扩展视频:与原文无关。 女孩打工时与“男友”私奔 惨被下药毒晕拐卖相关的主题文章:

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