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A number of people’s livelihood new Ming into effect   the new driving test outline adjustment of some models hours – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: a number of people’s livelihood new Ming into effect according to the Anhui Daily News Network about the car driver into the unified management of the taxi industry, the new driving test outline strengthen actual road driving ability, the network platform must be responsible for the third party food safety…… This October, a number of new regulations to implement the people’s livelihood, so that our lives have more legal protection. Net about car drivers formally incorporated into the unified management of the revised version of "October 1st implementation of the taxi driver qualification regulations" clear net about car driver will be included in the taxi driver qualification management category, since a unified standard. According to the new regulations, the net about car drivers must pass a taxi driver qualification examination, and apply for qualification examination shall meet the traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, no record of violence and other conditions. Qualified candidates will be issued by the administrative department of city taxi issued the "network rental taxi driver’s license". The new driving test outline adjustment of some models the hours of October 1st, a new version of the "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" implemented. Compared with the current syllabus, the new syllabus total hours C1 license and C2 license respectively for 62 hours and 60 hours, than the original requirements for less than more than and 10 hours, but the quasi driving type training a minimum of not less than 300 km mileage. Micro-blog electronic data can be evidence of circle of friends of criminal cases will be officially implemented since October 1st "on the handling of criminal cases collected some problems of extraction and examination of electronic data provision" clearly, micro-blog, circle of friends and other network platform to release information can be used as electronic data, right by the court, procuratorate and the public security organs collected and obtained according to law. According to the definition of electronic data including web, blog, microblogging, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform release information, communication information of mobile phone text messages, e-mail and instant messaging, group communication network application services, and user registration information, authentication information, transaction records, electronic communications records, logs and other information. Business registration is no longer "broken" for a business license to run in five or six different departments, dozens of submitted materials, waiting for several months…… From October 1st onwards, the formal implementation of the "five card one, according to a code, the applicant apply for business registration only need to fill out a form, submit a material to a window. The general office of the State Council promulgated the "Regulations on accelerating the" five one, according to a code for the reform of the registration system notice "clearly, all will be fully implemented" a set of materials, a registration table, a window of acceptance "mode of business license by the registration department issued directly loading the unified social credit code and related information in the national enterprise credit information publicity system publicity, enterprises will no longer handle the social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章:

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