85 boys suspected of any nine too simple third times to buy 14 to 820 thousand Awards happynewyear

85 boys suspected of any nine too simple third times to buy 14 to 820 thousand small awards three period on the lucky hit the winning the first prize 820 thousand quiz master everywhere. Football victory and defeat in the 16136th phase of the Champions League game, Fujian harvest of the first prize of 1 yuan note, fell into the Jin Anfu Road, Fuzhou, No. 1, capital of capital, unit 7, shop No. 20504, station 145. The ticket is a 85 young small Qin, according to him, with the winning period, he only tries three victory in 14 games quiz, asked Ding first prize, so he has excellent skills of guessing. Small Qin has been focused on the football field and 9 optional SMG 4 string 1 quiz, often winning constantly, for the optional 9, said he is too simple, but victory in 14 small Qin have their own ideas. He said that he doesn’t love upset too many games, although high bonus quiz is difficult but upset, he prefers to play the way, without a major upset in the tournament. But just this period he was hit, the game is very normal, the appearance of the giants were successfully defeated their opponents, only a relatively awkward time belongs to Tottenham VS Monaco, and his anti 3, 0, is also the popular field makes such a huge prize first prize. Small Qin current purchase two yuan large single win, one hit the jackpot, gains a bonus of up to $823908. This is the reason why the small Qin will be so generous single and winning, it is obvious that the arrangement. He hands a 4 string 1 list of just more than 30 thousand in all the tricks, bonuses, and coincides with the 16136 Champions League group phase and he is quite sure he wanted to try the next tournament, and said to myself: "if you can pass all the bonus should be around 200 thousand, but in the event, when less in a series of 4 1." Did not expect the results come out, a lot of money than he expected, unexpectedly. For the usual menu, small Qin did not share the special way. He believes that the game depends on the odds have to refer to. For example, the Barcelona VS Celtic, small Qin observed it is Barcelona the new season in the Champions League debut, upset probability is almost 0, firmly fixed 3 bile. In football quiz on small Qin for stability, usually optional or specialize in 9 games, and 14 games winning color to be the hand to hand. (Chen Zhen)相关的主题文章:

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