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The 6 year old "small Lolita" for the blind eyes when mom recently, Chongqing Times correspondent to act the way, accidentally discovered a story of warmth, a blind mother due to illness, but she had a lovely daughter, around 6 year old daughter with daily mother, my mother’s eyes become blind people. More than 10 days ago, correspondent to the way, see in Chongqing city of Zhongxian Wu Yang Zhen a village, a little girl holding a blind mother to go out. To see this scene, a pedestrian was moved, came to the mother and son home, to understand the real life of the mother and daughter. The blind mother called Liu Ying, aged 38, 10 years ago, Liu Ying had a high fever, retinal detachment resulting in blindness. Her husband, Kang Renping, is also a disabled person with right hand amputation and partial disability. However, it is such a family facing multiple attacks, still no regrets, live without depending on the ground. Husband and wife have a little daughter called Kang Jiali, 6 years old, lively and cheerful, happy sunshine, neighbors around her "little Lolita"". Because Liu Ying binocular vision is zero, walking out need to stick to Pathfinder, home cooking relies on finger touch can be completed. Liu Ying hurt her daughter small calli, although invisible, but every day she is the daughter of clean, but also often buy new clothes for her daughter. The little daughter Kang Jiali is also very sensible, she was 6 years old, in addition to school, all from the mother, "mother’s eyes", become the strong and optimistic mother and daughter moved many people. Chongqing Times reporter Yu Yang correspondent Rao Guojun cqtimes155735

6岁“小萝莉”给盲人妈妈当双眼 近日,重庆时报通讯员下乡办事途中,偶然发现一个温情故事,一名妈妈因患病双眼失明,她却有一个美丽可爱的女儿,6岁的女儿每日陪伴在妈妈身边,成了肓人妈妈的双眼。10多天前,通讯员下乡工作途中,在重庆市忠县乌杨镇一个村子看到,一个小女孩牵着肓人妈妈外出。看到这一幕,一行人很感动,来到这对母子家里,了解到母女俩的真实生活。这名肓人妈妈叫刘英,现年38岁,10多年前,刘英得了一次高烧,视网膜脱落导致双目失明。她的丈夫康仁平也是一位右手截肢、丧失部分劳动能力的残疾人。然而,就是这样一个面对多重打击的家庭,依旧无怨无悔、不等不靠地积极生活着。夫妻俩有一个小女儿叫康佳莉,今年6岁,活泼开朗、快乐阳光,周围邻居都她“小萝莉”。由于刘英双目视力均为零,外出行走需要拄双棍探路,在家做饭则依靠手指头触摸才可以完成。刘英很疼女儿小佳莉,虽然看不见,但她每天都被女儿收拾得干干净净,还时常给女儿买新衣服。小女儿康佳莉也十分懂事,才6岁的她,除了上学外,成天不离母亲左右,成为妈妈的“双眼”,这对坚强乐观的母女俩感动着许多人。重庆时报记者 于洋 通讯员 饶国君 cqtimes155735相关的主题文章:

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