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UnCategorized A proper roof is arguably the most important aspect of any home. Our roof is what keeps us warm, dry and protected from the elements. It creates a warm and safe environment for us to live in but it is also one of the most expensive areas of the home and also one of the most time consuming areas of installation, renovation and repair. Re-shingling needs to be done every five to ten years and can cost as much as $350.00 per square foot. So it is no wonder that steel roofing .panies like Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing are gaining so much popularity amongst home and business owners alike. Steel roofing has a plethora of advantages over traditional roofing materials, and while the costs may be initially more expensive than other methods of roofing; a consumer can expect to save bundles in the years to .e once the steel roofing is installed as there will be little to no upkeep or repairs to be made. Financial Benefits Steel roofing will also save the buyer heaps of money due to the fact that installation of a steel roof will significantly cut down your energy bills. Steel roofing can help to curb your energy use by coloring the steel shingles certain shades so that they reflect heat away from the home. This allows your house to stay cooler and you to use less energy on those sweaty summer days. There is also what is known as a buffer zone between a Gerard Steel roof and your old roof (yes, you can install over top of an existing roof) that is designed to trap heat within the house in the winter, therefore cutting down on your heating bills and keeping you toasty even in a blizzard. Steel Roof Concerns A lot of people worry about denting, rust, and other damage when they think about installing a steel roof. "Will it last?" they say to themselves. The answer is yes, it will. While traditional roofing begins to wear away immediately upon installation, steel roofing does not and can stand up to the elements, be them UV rays, hail, strong winds, heat and cold or heavy loads. Steel roofing is reinforced and galvanized to ensure strength and quality. .panies like Gerard are so confident, in fact, of their products durability that they offer a lifetime guarantee on the roof of your home. Installing a steel roof is also another way you can invest in greening your home, besides the additional energy saved by the insulation of the roof, a steel roof is 100% recyclable and often times is made of recycled metal to begin with. In this way it is much healthier for the environment than ordinary shingling which fills up landfills at an alarming rate. "What about the appearance of my house?" some homeowners have asked. No need to fear, steel shingles .e in a variety of appearances to ac.modate any home and any homeowner. From asphalt and clay tile, to cedar shake there is a style for every taste. The Future of Steel Roofs Ultimately, steel roofing is the way of the future; it is the most progressive and intelligent way to protect your home. Steel roofing provides a stronger, healthier roof that is free of maintenance for decades to .e. If you look past the initial start up fees, the money you will save makes steel roofing the obvious choice, especially in tough financial times. In a world where we are pushing ever towards sustainability, juggling financial hardship and increasingly unpredictable weather, steel roofing makes the grade once again as the greener, economical, and safer way to cover up from Mother Nature’s mood swings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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