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Outsourcing International register of shipping (IS) is an independent classification society established in 1993 which provides classifications, certifications, verification and advisory services. It is responsible for improving the policies and procedures to support the term shipping. It could be generated some pages of documents for policies and procedures through which the shipment procedures executed. International Shipping Partners (ISP) is a passenger ship management service company headquarters in Florida to provide the maintenance and upgrading services of shipping. It is basically used engine mining strategy to upgrading the shipping system. It was also the owner of Dolphin cruise lines star ship sea breeze launched in 1958. Free on Board (FOB) is a process used to describe the responsibility of the exporter to provide the goods and services without damage until buyer wouldnt get possess. Every product has been transferred on the basis of their harmonized codes (HS codes) from one place to another. International Chamber of Commerce is a most representative business organization in the world established in 1919 to serve the business of over 130 countries and is also responsible for the terms such as FOB etc. some trade agreements has to be regulated by world trade organization (WTO) to make an agreement between countries. It is established in Jan 1, 1995 and its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. International Maritime organization (IMO) also known as Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO) established in 1948 in Geneva. It is responsible for transporting goods and services through the shipment from one country to another via sea or through the continents. Its headquarter is in London, United Kingdom. Growth in international economy and productivity and some other major advantages of shipping are to be analyzing and updated on a daily basis. Besides of the bright side of shipping, there are also some issues exists. These issues include greenhouse gas emissions and oil pollution. According to the statistics, 4 to 5 percent of carbon dioxide has been effecting the environment of the global trade. Marine environment protection committee (MEPC) is still working on those issues. Some other gases are also been affecting the environment that are still under resolution processing. International shipping industry is executed the task on the basis of four categories, freight market, sale and purchase market, new building market and demolition market. Freight market consists of Ship-owners, charters and brokers. Charters worked as an administration and employed some brokers to deal with the cargo. Export Genius is a market research company of International foreign markets. It provides the international import export data services to our clients to lead in their business. For full details, you can visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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