-online- in cicf Expo 2016 sword dance! The president of n+ here. headache怎么读�

-ONLINE- in CICF EXPO 2016 sword dance! The president of N+ coming to actively participate in the day Wen Kadokawa, every big man show, will invite domestic and foreign fiction writers, illustrators, and animation professional singer, Coser when the activities of the guests. The day Wen Kadokawa decided to put a big move. So, the day Wen Kadokawa unequivocally, the other company’s president invited. He is the president of Nitroplus, "the sword flurry -ONLINE- ‘original producer – Osaka gas Mr. chong. Look forward to the "sword LuanWu million aunt gorgeous catalogue" Chinese simplified version will Chinese International Cartoon Festival of animation and game exhibition (CICF EXPO 2016) the day Wen Kadokawa booth first, the original producer, the day Wen Kadokawa planning production of fourth bombs’ sword flurry -ONLINE- ‘merchandise in the first stage during the expo. Usually in the man show, to worship the novelist’s signature to sign painting, excited; admire illustrator excitement; and can love the Coser photo, happy. But your favorite works, the production company sajangnim, in your love of works for you signature, this is a bit worse. The president usually mostly in signing the documents for the company, this time from afar for domestic aunt sign of this is not a little. Even worse is that this activity interspersed with a lot of prizes interactive games, prizes and a little rich. Time: October 3, 2016 Venue: Guangzhou 10:00am-12:00pm, China International Cartoon Festival anime game show stage in A method: after signing day Wen Kadokawa booth to buy "sword" sword and a flurry of catalogue "+ -ONLINE- + other flurry ‘goods more than 100 yuan, you can store receipts in the day Wen Kadokawa (cashier desk the most right exchange tickets) []. The limited number of tickets [], just. The purchase of "sword" sword and a flurry of catalogue "+ -ONLINE- is more than 100 yuan a flurry of" commodity exchange also [tickets]. Any activities so long admission qualification certificates.相关的主题文章:

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