Workaholic! Cai Shiyun mother exposed her daughter often does not go home during the wedding 海思k3v2

Workaholic! Cai Shiyun’s mother married daughter often do not go home during the exposure of Cai Shiyun Wang Yang according to Taiwan media reports, Cai Shiyun (Dizzy Dizzo) at the end of last year after the marriage with Wang Yangming has become the envy of the silver couple, the latest album "bones" will be issued and the preparatory 12 years finally got from the full version of their album, the first thing she is with her mother share wholeheartedly into the new album. Cai Shiyun also revealed that the album’s name "bones" is in fact derived from mother in pregnancy when fetal education, because in my mother’s belly when listening to all kinds of music, let Cai Shiyun is passionate about music and even past hope, Wang Yangming wedding are often not home. Cai Shiyun album spent 3 million of production costs, especially to the United States, the whole Cai Shiyun in supervision, not Jiashoutaren, hope every song works, can be put in place, showing their most wanted style. Cai Shiyun’s mother said with a smile: "to get her daughter’s latest work, I am very happy to listen to every song when they feel very nervous, a breath after listening to the unexpected satisfaction." Before Cai Shiyun’s mother recalled Cai Shiyun enthusiasm for music, but also broke the news during the wedding night often overweight daughter did not come home, yebuguisu nest in the studio stay up till dawn do music, but she is certainly the desperately focused attitude, believe that her daughter will be able to go out their own style in music.相关的主题文章:

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