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U.S. media: 2500 killer Dutch Act included in the SCO anti-terrorism "blacklist" – Sohu News Reference News Network September 15th U.S. media reported that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization National Security Intelligence Agency in Kazakhstan on 13 meeting in Almaty to discuss the security situation in the Asia region including how to deal with the bomb attack, Dutch act. According to voice of America radio website reported on September 14th, in the name of the SCO regional anti terrorist organization committee of the twenty-ninth meeting, the main issues discussed relates to how to deal with the Dutch act attacks, other issues including how to prevent the spread of radical religious ideology, and security cooperation with the new members of the India and Pakistan. Reported that the Shanghai cooperation organization set up a Regional Anti-Terrorism agency and held a regular meeting years ago. Russian scholar Kul Tov said that the main task of anti-terrorism mechanism of SCO regional cooperation is the coordination of national security agency. Attend the meeting of deputy director general of the Russian Federation Security Bureau Smirnov said that Russia and the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorism agency at present a total of 2500 master and 69 Dutch act killer list of terrorist organizations. Terrorist suspects to take all means to change the hidden location, it is difficult to know where they hide, where the organization of suicide attacks. Smirnov said that the Russian Federation Security Bureau, the Russian Ministry of internal affairs and other relevant agencies in the country to carry out specific cooperation, such cooperation has been fruitful. Reported that Chinese institutions in Central Asia has become increasingly serious security. At the beginning of 13, Pat Rusche J, Secretary General of the Russian Federation Security Council, during his visit to China, he also discussed the security situation in Central Asia when he met with Chinese leaders. At the same time, the mission of this year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization "peace -2016 anti-terrorism exercise in Kyrgyzstan kicked off, the exercise will be held in Kyrgyzstan’s northeastern Huzhou issyk mountain area. Countries a total of more than 1000 soldiers to participate in the exercise, China sent about 300 troops from the Xinjiang region to participate in the exercise from the beginning of the 15 phase of the real drill, will continue until the end of 21. Reported that plays an important role in the serious security situation in Central Asia held in Kyrgyzstan make the SCO anti-terrorism exercises. Kazakhstan scholar Sutter Paye J said that in 2005 and Kyrgyzstan in two years after the regime change, some of the local extremist organizations become more active in the. Some residents from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the Middle East to join the Islamic state organization, there are Kazakhstan residents declared allegiance to the Islamic state". Sutter Paye J said that this year there are extremist groups have plans to create terrorist activities in Kyrgyzstan, but was cracked by the local security agency. While Kazakhstan’s security situation is equally worrying, this spring and summer in the western region of Kazakhstan in Almaty City, there were two terrorist attacks, Kazakhstan has not yet lifted the yellow alert, that Kazakhstan is still facing the risk of terrorist attacks. Against this background, China has become more and more popular in Central Asia in recent years.相关的主题文章:

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