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What holiday need to go the distance, a small ocean port waiting for you to flop – Sohu tourism has forgotten since when everyone grumbled want to go to travel, want to pack away. However, the reality is stranded again and again. In the distance, we are only passers-by, in a hurry to depart after back home. More people across the country, to make light of travelling a thousand li, enjoy the exotic holiday giving the body comfort. However, I do not know if you have ever looked at the beauty around you, why not go on vacation to the distance, perhaps just a throttle thing. The windmill and cloud links Spa Resort Hotel window. One day in November is the time wasted The sky is clear and bright., under the guise of drive from Shanghai to the small ocean port international hot spring resort city, like in the active muscles at the same time, drive a drive in recent days in the gloomy weather depressed, not a thought, but the harvest with joy. This joy is the most honest expression of physical relaxation, but also the most direct expression of contact with new things. Perhaps, you will ask: where is the small mouth? Don’t worry, listen to me slowly. Lincks Spa Resort hotel. Small fresh eggs in reed marshes. Links to hot spring resort hotel, we were taken to 2800 meters at a hot spring well, the whole process of "hot Boiled Egg". A lot of the egg is placed in the bubbling and frothing and hot springs, for a moment, the egg yolk and egg white is solidified, though not in boiling water to thoroughly cooked egg, this is the first time to see Boiled Egg: spring. 2800 m hot spring well. Hot spring wells 2800 meters coming up is 92 degrees Celsius hot springs, this almost boiling water with not much difference, if you don’t believe it, you can reach out to try the water, and you will immediately shrink back. The hot springs run along the track and run into the mist. 92 degrees hot spring water, bicarbonate hot spring. Small reed reed marshes. The high temperature of the hot springs in this desolate some reeds, carefree and content. Whether or not some people came to watch their own flowing, flowing through your line of sight, around the reed side. I do not know, these reeds swaying in the wind, will melt in the warmth of the feelings of it. Hot water mist and blue sky. Gold bath soup. In addition to the Boiled Egg hot springs, have to put in the links is the "golden spring physiotherapy". It is fortunate that you can go to feel some. Small mouth in 2009 when the discovery of the 76 degrees Celsius hot spring water, by the authority of the international body testing certification, the hot springs which contain high temperature rare alkaline sodium sulfate, has a very significant healing effect. Gold physiotherapy spring. In the bubble of the golden physiotherapy spring, it is best not fasting, if the next to the water, dizziness, nausea, to get out of the hot springs in a timely manner. And this hot spring is not suitable for a long time, more than and 10 minutes. When we change the next to the hot springs, such as mud muddy like hot springs in the skin of the body slowly walk, Mao Kongsi was open, warm feeling.相关的主题文章:

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