The 16293rd phase prediction of lottery 3D prime – Sohu began to take the heat caxa实体设计

The 16293rd phase: prediction of lottery 3D prime began to take the number of lottery lottery 3D Sohu 2016292nd heat was 507, and the value of 12 points, the size and shape of large size, parity form odd parity, span value of 7. 3D forecast number 2016293 period the new quasi: cold number forecast: the period of the award, only 1 of the cold code, specific value is 5, the same period in the history of the 3D statistical lottery lottery number, the next period suggest that exclude cold number may add to fall. Hot code: on a hot issue No. 0, through the analysis of the recent lottery results, the next period must be prime hot force fortification. Warm state number: 2016292 phase temperature code in the first appearance, the specific value of 7, a comprehensive analysis of various statistical data, the latest range of temperature code is expected to expand the range of 293. Ten: the ten span difference out of 7 points, the recent lottery, some ten of the difference in the continued cold situation, that a hot new ten greater chance of comeback difference. Ten bits and ten bits: the period and decreased to 7 points, the ten and the value of the overall trend of a swing state greatly, suggest a future issue of concern between 4 to 8 of the ten and the value of recovery.相关的主题文章:

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