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Odd: cattle international mail door event continues the election regeneration changing hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! With the fermentation of Hilary’s email incident, the uncertainty of the U.S. presidential election is getting bigger and bigger. The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James Comey on Friday for the 2016 election dropped the bombshell accelerated the Republicans to support Donald Trump? The trend; but early voting data show that key Democrat Hilary unmoved, indicating that the leading position in the presidential election and most of the time the union is still closely united; Cbs Broadcasting Inc YouGov may show a survey of 13 voters in battleground states, FBI announced that it was investigating the discovery of new e-mail, only 1% of the people of Hilary supporters have wavered; Comey said, the survey found a new email may use private server and Hilary as secretary of state, may not. U.S. ABC news and Washington Post released the latest polls show that Hilary’s dominance of Trump has been reduced to only 1 percentage points. Monday Asia time, known as "Trone love universal suffrage barometer" of Mexico Peso exchange rate continued to fall, down 0.3%. The dollar rose 19 to $19.02. In addition, this week ushered in the four central bank resolution, the Bank of Japan will be announced in Beijing on Tuesday (November 1st) about 11:00 resolution. Reuters survey of analysts expect the Bank of Japan’s stability maintenance policy, but capitaleconomics expected the Bank of Japan will cut rates in November to -0.2%; the RBA resolution on Tuesday released 11:30, the market generally expected the steady interest rates at a record low of 1.50% unchanged; the Fed’s decision on Thursday (November 3rd) at 02:00 announced, the dimension of material market stable interest rates, but strongly suggests that the increase in December; the Bank of England on Thursday (November 3rd) 20:00 will announce interest rate decision, meeting minutes and quarterly inflation report. The market is expected to stabilize its central bank interest rates. But Carney, the market rumors this week, leaving the fastest, and on Thursday, the Bank of England issued a quarterly inflation report announced the resignation of news. Spot gold 1 hours chart, spot gold on Friday by the United States that the effect of the failure, strong, the highest hit 1284.06, the highest point since October 4th, the current decline; 50H, 100H and 200H average rose steadily, and the price of gold running at three on average, short-term exchange rate is expected to rise further to 1301 mark. On the 5 minute chart, spot gold rush after the fall, the current price of gold into short-term consolidation, 50 average, 100 average and 200 moving average upward trend, gold short-term upward possibility. USDJPY 1 hour chart, the dollar yen hit three相关的主题文章:

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