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This is a mother to do — [red] – beef noodle and Sohu love the red noodle, early in the morning to buy a chunk of beef ribs, in fact, a sirloin should also be delicious, but I have been fond of. Bovine ribs stew 2 pounds a lot is not much. At noon to eat. Night to eat fried fried Dabao, Dabao love this! The beef noodle is very simple, can also be used for beef noodles. Very homely way! I said Andy, this can come up with to sell? Andy said. You can sell it a little bit of light. However, the most critical this is my mother, do not look. Also, than the outside sell poor Oh! This is a clear beef broth approach, you can also add some soy sauce and soy sauce cooked in the soup, add some cinnamon and cardamom, so cook Is red soup, soup is made of red braised beef noodle, of course, as long as you take the meat cooked. Rotten meat is more delicious! I use iron pot stew for 3 hours, if the pressure cooker, it can be more convenient, all materials into tens of minutes to get the stew meat is rotten! Look, in fact, a lot of things are not difficult, yesterday a friend followed my meatballs is very delicious, as long as you do, your child will be able to eat more things, such as our Andy, despite what you do not say, people do not eat salty, often do, I said how do, salty, Andy said, okay, against the point of boiling water on the line, all right! Don’t spend money to buy things, money can not buy mom made money, can’t let pride your child to his friends said, my mother would do vermicelli do buns, bread and cake. Do… Money, but can not let the children feel how much you love him. How to love a person, would be willing to do lots of things for him, including, change yourself, right? [beef rice Line]: beef broth material: beef ribs 1000 grams, onion 5, ginger 5, pepper 12 TSP, anise 2, geraniol 4 beef noodle noodle 1 Materials: red bundle, Shanghai green tree, 3 3, 1 small garlic bolt with meat, coriander beef broth 3 bowls, 1 teaspoons of salt 1 tablespoon soy sauce, sesame oil, 1-2 TSP practice: 2. Do not cut the fascia surface. 3. Cut into about 2 cm square. 4. Iron pot of beef, scallion, ginger, pepper, aniseed and fragrance. After the fire to boil, turn a small fire stew covered more than 2.5 hours. 5. Noodle into a pot, add an appropriate amount of warm water for 1 hours standby. 6. Another Pan Sheng into the beef broth, with meat. Boil in all 4 Shanghai youth, transferred to salt and soy sauce. 7. Turn off the fire after adding minced garlic and coriander, sesame oil into the soup is ready! 8. Another pot put vermicelli cooked fish in a bowl. 9. Pour into a good beef soup to eat!相关的主题文章:

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