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3100 point into the A stock brokerage wait Shenzhen Tong Jiubing Shangganling sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan as of August 25th closing, Shanghai refers to three days of continuous decline, is the beginning of a brief adjustment Yindie, or? Shenzhen Tongli good can actually deliver? Outlook and what opportunities? A shares for three consecutive days pullback, Northeast Securities chief investment adviser Guo Feng told the "international finance" reporter said, this adjustment is mainly to the CIRC proposed regulatory requirements of 600 billion yuan of universal insurance capital, some companies raised placards before the callback. Eight or nine may continue to adjust. The fourth quarter, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through may officially landed, the market will once again usher in increased opportunity. Founder Securities chief market analyst said, A shares short air, short-term market will be around 3100 points repeatedly ready to shock, waiting for short-term uncertainty uncertainty. For, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through a number of brokers in the acceptance of "international finance" reporter said, is actively doing the preparatory work. Of course, the election of shares to get the Shenzhen Hong Kong through this express, there are many institutions that Shenzhen Tong may be good to underestimate the value of large cap stocks, Hong Kong stocks scarce and the three brokerage stocks. Golden State Securities chief strategist Li Lifeng in an "International Finance News" interview with reporters, the industry, the four line will benefit from the "Shenzhen Tong" theme, the next line: a unique and Shenzhen A shares belong to the varieties, such as liquor, medicine, military and so on, according to the experience after the opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong we believe that the two markets, the scarcity of varieties will be the focus of the main line; two: benefit from Shenzhen opened "broker" plate; line three: underestimate the value of a high dividend yield stocks Whitehorse, such as "home appliances"; four main line: QFII heavily loaded stocks. (International Finance News reporter Yao Yijing) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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