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[1701-1705] oil basis arbitrage arbitrage fund strategy report Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The fundamentals of 1.USDA yield adjustment 48.9, export price USDA8 month old support disk stunned the market supply and demand report, the U.S. soybean yield level adjustment to a record 48.9 bushels of acres, which also led to a new soybean yield rose sharply to 4 billion 60 million bushels, from the statistical point of view, the new U.S. soybean production estimates also hit this year a new high. The U.S. soybean yield market estimated maximum value of Fuchs through the estimated 48.8 bushels of acres, USDA exceeded market expectations adjusted ceiling indicates USDA for good weather conditions this year, continue to maintain the good weather in the latter case, the U.S. soybean yield is still rising space. The USDA data from the current point of view, the next two weeks either average shipment of 860 thousand tons to achieve USDA adjustment for Chen inventory and export target, at present, according to this schedule, the export target still have the possibility to complete, but the new season approaching the current transfer schedule, we suspect the old attitude to the export of this piece of USDA made by export targets, so according to the current schedule, September is likely to re adjust the old export level. Data sources: Wanda private friends (oil) will be USDA2. domestic soybean late to Hong Kong low, late meal stocks to reduce our domestic 9-11 months is expected to reach 5 million 400 thousand tons, the amount of 7 million 200 thousand tons and 7 million 500 thousand tons. 9-10 this year to Hong Kong was significantly lower than in previous years, especially in the early September squeezed profit under poor conditions, and imports was significantly lower than in previous years, Southern China has been affected by toxic soybean events and maintenance, resulting in some manufacturers downtime, September supply pressure is greater, so the post meal spot basis will be further strengthened. The factory operating rate rose 3.3%, to 53.5%, but lower than the level of 54.8% over the same period last month, also from the beginning of this week is expected to lead to Southern China Dachang maintenance operation rate will continue to decline, the operating rate is expected to fall to around 51%. 3, global oil production growth slowed in August the U.S. Department of agriculture are the global vegetable oil production evaluation, the data show that global vegetable oil production increased steadily, 201617 annual vegetable oil production increased to 1.86 tons, compared with 201516 annual increase of 9 million tons. Among them, the global vegetable oil imports, exports and consumption almost no adjustment. Overall inventory 201617 year decline compared to the previous year to 18 million 340 thousand tons of tons, in August the report gives the stock consumption ratio of 9.8%, down from the previous month, continued to decline in the year of 201516 to $10.9% in. The report may not consider the impact of domestic policy auction, so we still have to adjust the import data questioned. FAQ (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) to provide data, 201516 annual global oil production decreased by more than 4 million tons相关的主题文章:

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