15 year revenue decline for the first time! Apple fourth earnings net profit fell 19%- Sohu Technolo polartec

15 year revenue decline for the first time! Apple’s fourth net earnings plummeted 19%- Sohu technology Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying this is apple since 2001 for the first time since the release of earnings, revenue and net profit fell through. In October 26th, Apple Corp released the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter earnings. Data show that the company’s quarterly revenue of $46 billion 852 million, compared to $51 billion 501 million last year fell 9%; net profit of $9 billion 14 million, compared to $11 billion 124 million last year fell 19%; earnings per share of $1.67, slightly higher than the previous $1.66 analysts expected. According to the results, as of September 24th fourth quarter, quarter Apple sold 45 million 513 thousand iPhone, compared with 48 million 46 thousand in the same period last year fell 5%; the average price of $618.72, far lower than the same period last year of $670, at the same time less than analysts had expected given $625. At the same time, in the global market, has been doing well in the Chinese market has not spared: $8 billion 785 million in Greater China revenue fell $30% compared with $12 billion 518 million a year earlier. Affected by the decline in iPhone sales, Apple shares were down 2.3%, from $118.25 to $115.55 per share, the closing price of the day. As 23 of revenue from iPhone sales of the company, Apple Corp is experiencing iPhone sales decline due to the pain. IDC forecast in September, the global intelligent mobile phone shipments are expected to grow by 1.6%, and it also allows Apple pressure — how to find the next growth pillar, it has become an urgent problem for apple. We are full of confidence in the turnaround, because we found that consumers demand feedback for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is very positive, apple CFO Luca Maestri in an interview, said. It is understood that in the first quarter of 2017, Apple also said the quarter revenue expected to be maintained at between 760~780 million, while the previous estimate of Bloomberg gives the value of $75 billion 380 million. "The Wall Street journal" pointed out that, despite the decline in revenue and net profit are apple, "the most profitable enterprise" the trump card position is still difficult to shake, and coupled with the rival Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 for spontaneous combustion accident was forced to stop the sale, the sales of Google Pixel has not yet started, it can be said that these are largely Apple has created "in the desperate hope". At the same time, CEO Tim · Cook also pointed out that the consumer market demand for the new iPhone is very impressive, and the apple service business growth is well worth looking forward to, "the consumer (New iPhone) market very positive feedback, for this market demand, we cannot be more happy". In the past few years, Cook spent a lot of time to promote such as App Store, iCloud, Apple Music.相关的主题文章:

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