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1 million 328 thousand yuan from the sale of new Panamera long wheelbase version of the listed Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, Porsche officially announced the new Panamera version of the long axis from the price, the price range of 132.80-233.80 million. The new car will be longer than the standard wheelbase wheelbase wheelbase 150mm, up to 3100mm, and will be officially unveiled at the November 16th Losangeles motor show. The new Panamera long wheelbase Version (Executive) in terms of appearance and not too obvious features, the overall standard wheelbase version is exactly the same, still using the Porsche family classic design language. However, due to the increase in the wheelbase makes the original roof line becomes more straight, destroying the original sense of flow, D column on the Executive exclusive logo to become the only special logo of its appearance. Interior, interior design from the front row version of the new Panamera axis does not change the overall use of the touch button to replace a large number of physical buttons, looks full sense of science and technology, at the same time the iconic Wulian meter and the central clock design, further reduction of the classic elements of Porsche. As a long wheelbase models, key new upgrade in the back of the natural design, in addition to the increased legroom car also redesigned the rear central armrest, and add back the cup frame, mirror, 10.1 inches of recreational facilities, a new multistage adjustable seat, table board, rear sunshade, air conditioning, four-wheel drive vehicle Wi-Fi. Power, the new Panamera long wheelbase version is available in four different models, respectively (2.9T Panamera 4 Executive Panamera 4 E-Hybrid 330 HP), Executive (2.9T plug-in hybrid 462 HP), Panamera 4S Executive (2.9T 440 and Panamera Turbo Executive (HP) 4.0T 550 HP). Transmission, the engine will be matched Porsche PDK 8 speed dual clutch transmission, some models will be equipped with AWD system and Porsche PASM adaptive adjustable air suspension. The new car will be the main market in the United States and China, in order to compete with Mercedes Benz S class and a series of luxury large wheelbase models.相关的主题文章:

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